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yoshiro yamado

Posted by agaran at 2020-04-17

Yutaka Watanabe

Papersky, 2011 / 12 / 07

An interlocking project with this magazine "Smartwool x papersky world socks?". The socks of smart wool company, which is excellent in breathability and warm down, are available in various fields such as outdoor and sports, and in this magazine there is a photograph of the foot of the guest in the magazine, and it is thought that it is anyone's foot, and the guest is introduced to the website Paintings. The fourth guest is Yuka yamado, a cook researcher who specializes in brown rice vegetarian and outdoor cooking. The recipe of the cooking and the body is arranged through the magazine, the book, the event, etc. I also talked about Mr. yamado who enjoys the outdoor time besides the cooking, and the thing about the mountain of the food, and what I want to challenge in the future.

"My father was a climber and a climber, and I often went out to the mountain since I was young. In my family trip, I found camp camping around okutama and my parents were climbing and camping. My grandfather was also a member of the mountain club, who climbed Hotaka and North wall. Although I was born and raised in Tokyo, I remember that I used a pot or knives that were not used in my garden. I've been doing outdoor cooking since then.

Mr. yamado, who had a lot of opportunities for cooking from the early childhood to the mountains, as well as the influence of his family, but it seems like there was a twisting and twisting before he started working as a cooking researcher.

"My parents were running a restaurant, and I was part-time at a shop in my school days, but I didn't think I would go on the way of cooking. The University was also a welfare system. Because I was young, I was doing something in my stance to try whatever I was interested in. I was interested in "food", and at a Curry Shop hired as a part-time job, I was appointed to the manager for the first time in three months. And I wanted to have a shop for myself someday, but I didn't take a rest to save money.

Mr. yamado, who dreamed of having his own store, decides to go to a wandering journey with his husband and using money he has saved.

"I quit my job with my husband, and wandered around Japan and abroad for about a year and a half. I traveled mainly in Asia, but I think that the food and taste that I met at that time still affect my cooking. Since I was originally cooking brown rice, I went to the cooking class of macrobiotic at home, so I had a chance to ask for outdoor cooking, so I started to introduce the recipe of outdoor cooking. I plan to walk the long trail of America next year, but I would like to travel to the food. However, it is light, nutritious, and delicious. I'm looking forward to thinking there.

He always used the smart wool socks to find out about his charm.

Recently, woolen woolen woke up, so smart wool is a necessity item. The winter place keeps the feet warm and does not smell even if you sweat. Also, smart wool is rich in design, cute and color variations, so it is popular in both mountains and in the city.

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This is the size of the usual normal cushion, Socks Size: S Material: Merino wool 76%, nylon 21%, polyurethane 3%

The popcorn cable is made of thick, thick, thick, knitted, thick, Socks Size: s (21-23.5 cm), m (24-26.5 cm) color: teal, imperial purple, crimson, light Gree Heather: Merino wool 90%, nylon 9% 1% polyurethane

Margarita, 785 (photo right), non cushion socks excellent in fit and breathability: s (21-23.5 cm), m (24-26.5 cm) color: rhodenheiser, natural Heather, crimson, chestnut Heather, royal, Black Multi stripe material: Merino Le 70%, nylon 27%, polyurethane 3%

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