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whatsapp failed to register? how to solve the problem of being sealed as soon as you register? just after entering the mobile phone verification code, it is disabled. an article tells you the solution

Posted by truschel at 2020-04-17

Let's start with a situation that everyone may encounter: when you answer a mobile phone, if there is anti-virus software installed in the mobile phone, you will find that some anti-virus software will help you prompt after receiving the call from the telemarketing personnel. How many people have marked the call as a sales call or a harassment call at present. This is a kind of blacklist mechanism. It's early warning like you. The other party may harass the phone or be a liar, so as to attract your attention and avoid being cheated, wasting time or property loss. Similarly, the familiar WhatsApp and Facebook also use similar anti cheating methods. When they find that your mobile device, network IP and registered phone are suspicious, they will first disable your number. This is an important part of the ban of WhatsApp, which has puzzled many foreign traders.

Some foreign trade friends put forward that WhatsApp can't be registered. It's sealed just after it's registered. It hasn't been used yet! After receiving the verification code, it was sealed as soon as the verification code was filled in. In fact, this involves the problem of IP blacklist in WhatsApp anti cheating.

WhatsApp is the world's largest im tool for binding mobile phone address book. It has a complete anti cheating system. In its IP blacklist database, there are not only those IPS that have been pulled into the cheating list, but also the highly distributed cheating IP segment database. In addition, there are anti cheating checks combining user characteristics and IP information. So as soon as your WhatsApp enters the mobile phone verification code, it's normal to tell you to try again in a few minutes, or to disable it directly.

Solution: use clean IP to register WhatsApp.

In addition, the pollution of the device and the connection of cookies will also result in the blocking of one registration or the blocking of friends at the beginning. Some foreign businessmen often say that my original mobile phone number has been blocked, and my new mobile phone number has been registered, and it has been blocked since I started using it. Or my new phone number can't be registered at all. This leads to three:

First: maybe the logs and cached account information of your mobile phone history are all the messages you sent randomly last time. WhatsApp doesn't give the number of the unsealed mobile phone, and then you register with a new mobile phone. Of course, I think you are suspected of malicious cheating. Solution: uninstall WhatsApp and clear the mobile browsing record.

Second: maybe your network has been recorded by your random use just now, or you have been using polluted IP segments, high incidence of cheating IP segments. At this time, you only need to change a clean IP. For the sake of safety, you can combine the above cleaning mobile phones together.

Third: the mobile phone is recognized. In fact, this situation is rarely encountered in reality, unless some friends you know, do what you know about the industry. At this time, I have to try to brush the machine or change my mobile phone. After all, the Android IP or IMEI recognized by the system can be swiped.


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