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cabinet: by filling with cti, 35 posts of pgt

Posted by agaran at 2020-04-16

Primarily and high education based on childhood lives with SMS teachers

The Education Session of the Cabinet was previously established in the primary and higher education department (Higher Education Department) for 2019-20. SMC teachers have also decided to continue their services, along with sixty-three teachers in the Technical Education section. It's decided to fill the gap. The median messenger Shala, the founder of Zila Balasapur, Toba, Tanboal, the founder of Madagascar. Science cells have decided to start in political texts in Surah and Dejot, and the capital of Zila Congoda. The Government Senior Secondary School and the State Secretary of Balasspur Students were decided to start vocational classes in shock and chaos.

For these sites, it has also allowed itself to create the 26-fold PGT. The Ministry has decided that the Royal Year of Jila Mandy It's about starting the scientific cells and the social media in the middle of the Middle Ages and starting the vocational classes in the South. It's decided to fill out and create 9 times for the pizza. The Ministry of Education in Silicon's Royal College School. From 2019-20, the National Senate has decided to start classes of history and politics.

The decision to provide a talking car in police prisons

Solar Electronics Mechanic Tred at the Royal Industrial Training Center of King Jila The technician (electronic) trailer also decided to change the course. Similar Gila's political industrial training institution mechanical diesel engine, computer operator or programming assistant, Allowed the start of a new business of electrical and Swing technology. To create 12 different classes, we're going to have to do this. So that's how the symmetry, with the creation of 12 different classes in the ICI of electricity, is electrical, and so on. Planning and fashion design and technology decided to start a new business. The Ministry of Emergency has been available to speak to each other in all police districts of the country as a car of emergency response. It's also decided to do it. There will be 13 speakers. All the mobile data systems in these cars will need a terminal, that are connected to public security campaigns.

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