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change to online campus

Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-16

Transformation to online campus for quality improvement of education and research

VMware's software defined data center and integrated public cloud technology can build an online campus to improve the sensitivity. We will respond to the complicated security threats, promote innovation and growth, adopt new guidance and learning models, provide personalized use environments for students and faculty, and improve efficiency.

Innovation and it modernization for online campus

Modernization of IT service delivery in Higher Education Institutions

Reduce the cost of enterprise IT architecture and reduce complexity.

Scale out to public cloud

It is possible to utilize capacity of the it in the learning environment, and it is possible to utilize capacity in accordance with business needs changing while reducing TCO.

Oxford University: Revolutionizing Online Campus

The University of Oxford is dedicated to modernizing the campus by extending and supporting the capacity of public cloud by providing some services in a hybrid cloud model.

Supporting learning environment and student success

Implementation of digital workspace for higher education institutions

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Maintaining brand protection and evaluation of educational institutions

Defense against cyber attacks on Higher Education Institutions

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Expert Consult

VMware is helping to accelerate digital transformation. Please consult me.

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