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deep net and dark net beginner's guide

Posted by patinella at 2020-04-16

I. Deep Web

Deep web is the content that can't be accessed through common methods on the Internet, including using Google, Baidu and other search engines. The content of Shenzhen Internet is mainly the content that can only be accessed by some conditions such as registration and payment, such as database and some services.

Here are the tools to access the deep network:

With this tool, you can access the data of economics, demography and finance, and the content that ordinary search engine crawlers can't reach.

This search engine has been known in the security circle. Some people call it "Satan" and others call it "fool". No matter what it is called, its search content is the Internet of things social backup. For example, it includes smart home such as cameras, routers, and some industrial control systems. A similar search engine in China is zoomeye, but the latter is more comprehensive and can also search for website components.

Two. Dark net

The simple explanation of dark network is to encrypt network. It must use anonymous agent tool to access.

Some people think that the dark net is an ugly and dangerous place. Indeed, there are child pornography and the sale of illegal goods, such as weapons and drugs, in the dark net. But what these people don't know is that in fact, these evil things only account for a small part of the dark net, and most of the content is valuable information and information.

In 2014, Internet watch, a charity, worked with law enforcement and Internet service providers to eliminate child pornography sites. In total, they found 31000 websites containing child pornography, but only 51, or 0.2% of them belong to the dark network.

Some people think that the dark net is an extrajudicial place that is hard to reach by the government and law enforcement agencies. To this understanding, one word is enough to answer: wrong.

Here is how to install and use the tool TOR to access the dark net:

1. Download tor browser


2. Start the program after installation

3. Click "connect" and the following window will appear:

Wait for a while, after the window of tor browser appears, you can start the dark net journey!

3、 Explore the dark net

How to search the dark net? Here are some search engines based on tor network:

This is a basic tor hidden service search engine, the content is not very large, but it is a good choice as the beginning of the dark net journey.

Normal URL: https://ahmia.fi

Dark web URL: msydqjihosw2fsu3.onion

This is the best tor Internet search engine, with a huge database of about 1.1 million pages.

Dark network URL: http://xmh5752oemp2sztk.onion

This engine is specially designed to search for the dark web. It can be called Google in the dark web.

Dark network URL: http://grams72tru2gdpl2.onion

It's a simple search engine, but there's no advertising.

Dark network URL: http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion

Another tor search engine with a large database.

Dark web URL: http://sinbad66644fr5lq.onion

4、 Another dark net

The above describes the access to tor network. Next, we will introduce another dark network, i2p.

1. download I2P


2. After installation and starting the program, you can see the routing console of i2p:

Then you have to set up your browser to use i2p. Take Firefox for example:

Open browser > Menu > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings

In the connection settings window, select "manual agent configuration":

The FTP proxy settings are the same.

3. determine

4. Go to the router console and click the hidden service you want to access. If there is an error, click another one.

Here are some search engines using the i2p network:

This is a simple interface search engine, but the list of active hosts displayed on its main page is very helpful.


This is a search engine for free BT seeds. You can find torrent links for various content.

URL: http://btdigg.i2p