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internal network threat model and detection technology.pdf

Posted by herskovits at 2020-04-15

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With the rapid development of computer network and the frequent occurrence of network security events, people pay more and more attention to the external invasion and Intemet security, but the attack from the internal network has become more and more intense, and the internal network security has become the hidden danger of enterprise management. Information is illegally revealed, copied and tampered, which often causes great losses to enterprises, governments or military departments. Therefore, it is of great significance to study security threats and detection technology. This paper introduces the concept, classification, model and expression of internal network threats. Combined with the characteristics of internal network and the classification methods of various network threats, it mainly gives a comprehensive classification of internal network threats from six aspects of environment, physics, system, network, management and security assessment. Based on the research of the internal network threat model at home and abroad, this paper improves the attack tree model, puts forward and expounds the design idea of the overall model of internal network threat and the operation steps of the overall model. According to the concept of model base, the model base based on the internal network threat model is designed, and the working principle of the model base is explained. Finally, in view of the actual internal threats in the real internal network, from the perspective of the attacker and the user, this paper gives the specific threat model analysis based on the password stealing behavior, the specific threat model analysis based on the traffic attack and the specific threat model analysis based on the identity authentication / authority authentication. At the same time, it gives the generation process of them in the model base combining with the model examples. In order to make the internal network threat model better cooperate with the detection system, this paper establishes the internal relationship between the internal network threat model and the detection system, applies the design idea of the internal network threat model to the detection system, and uses it to establish the internal detection system with the same logical relationship. This paper studies and designs the internal network threat model, establishes the behavior based model base and the internal relationship between the internal network threat model and the detection system, which lays the foundation for the further development of the internal network threat model. Key words: abstract with the of network has rapid development computer network, insider security comes into being hidden group to and transformation enterprise management. Theoretical, copy to the information material to and always during slargexpense enterprise, government insider its values and toresearchinto the thread model military.So very important anddetection technology. Thisthesisintroducesthe andexhibitionmannerofthe concept,classification,model insider theclassificationofnetworkthreatindetailfromseveral threat,discusses the of and of gives characteristicstheinsidernetworka aspects,and variety classificationmethodsofthenetworkthreat.Itthemost division gives comprehensive totheinside