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my knowledge management tools list

Posted by graebner at 2020-04-15

How to preserve and manage knowledge is a very important problem of personal knowledge management. Making good use of all kinds of knowledge management tools can make a person's management knowledge get twice the result with half the effort. Moonlight blog has some uses and understandings for all kinds of tools and softwares at home and abroad. In 2010, I once summarized my personal knowledge management tools and softwares. Three years later, many tools have changed. Here I'll summarize I have the latest personal knowledge management tool software for your reference.

Generally speaking, the personal knowledge management tool software is divided into network version and stand-alone version. The selection of stand-alone version is simpler, only considering the software functions. In addition to the software functions, the network version also needs to consider the factors of service providers.

The famous Evernote has clearly put forward three principles:

1. Data belongs to users (all the content saved in Evernote, its copyright and ownership belong to you);

2. Data is protected (without your permission, we have no right to view, share, use and analyze your data);

3. Data can be transferred (you can migrate all data anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions).

Evernote's idea of user data is worth learning from all software developers. In a word, users have the ownership of their own data. Data can be exported. The privacy of user data can be guaranteed and will not be sold. Such services are worth using.

According to the above three principles, try to use foreign network services, if not necessary, try not to use domestic ones.

I. learning knowledge

Knowledge and information can't be confused. Information is free, but it can't be transformed into knowledge if we get information without any goal. Therefore, learning must have a goal. If you use a limited time to learn unlimited knowledge, you will be "overwhelmed" by the knowledge. We need to learn those knowledge that bring the greatest improvement to ourselves.

Time is one of the most scarce resources. In the process of learning knowledge, we must consider the "cost" of knowledge acquisition. Besides money, the most important cost is time cost. Therefore, the tools for learning knowledge need to meet the following requirements: "spend less time to acquire higher value knowledge".

For the discovery and review of paper books, Douban reading is an ideal tool. Before using it, first mark the books you have read that you like. It is not recommended to mark entertainment books, so as to ensure the accuracy of Douban guessing. Then Douban can find relevant books according to your reading interest. You can decide according to other people's evaluation of the books No purchase. The same is true of periodicals and magazines.

Generally speaking, network and electronic reading materials are suitable for shallow reading. If you have deep and professional knowledge, you still need to read paper books. You pay money, but you save time.

When you encounter problems in work and study, you can directly use search engine to find answers, and you can also learn some little knowledge you don't know through search engine.

List of tools:

1. Search engines: Google, baidu

2. Encyclopedia: Wikipedia, Baidu Encyclopedia

3. Q & a community: Zhihu, Baidu know, baidu Xinzhi, Sina love question

4. Library: Baidu Library, Aiwen shared data, Douding, other professional libraries

5. RSS reading: Google Reader, Douban Jiudian, fresh fruit

Article sharing: Google Reader

Advantages: it is easy to read RSS full-text information, and the subscription is very personalized.

Disadvantages: not all media support full-text RSS, information filtering function is weak, easy to produce information overload phenomenon.

6. Information evaluation: Douban reading

Book review: Douban

Advantages: the content of the review is of high quality, and Douban guess is accurate.

Disadvantages: openness is not particularly good.

II. Knowledge preservation

The purpose of knowledge preservation is to find out the relevant content quickly and accurately when using. There are two ways to save, one is to save on the local hard disk, the other is to save on the network. The advantage of saving in the local area is that it is safer and can be viewed when the network is disconnected. The advantage of saving in the network is that it can be viewed as long as you can access the Internet, and it is more convenient to share.

The types of saving knowledge include saving links, saving articles, saving pictures, cloud synchronization, etc.

List of tools:

1. Save Link

Chrome bookmarks

Advantages: easy to use, support multi computer synchronization

Disadvantages: a large number of bookmarks are difficult to manage


Advantages: relatively perfect bookmark tool, support tags, summary, can export all, it is easy to convert to database and other systems.

Disadvantages: the ability of social sharing is very weak and slow.

Baidu search

Advantages: fast speed, support snapshot, and view snapshot if link does not exist

Disadvantage: export function is not supported

QQ bookmark

Advantages: fast speed, import and export

Disadvantage: snapshot is not supported

2. Save the article


Advantages: support tags, cross platform, stable

Disadvantages: slow speed, limited flow

Microsoft OneNote

Advantages: integrate Microsoft Office

Disadvantages: no cross platform support, charging

Other domestic notebook series: Netease Youdao notes, Shanda wheat warehouse, wiz

3. Cloud storage


Advantages: stable, mature technology, multi client support.

Disadvantages: domain name is blocked (but does not affect client synchronization), and file content search is not supported

Microsoft sky drive

Advantages: large capacity (7G for new users and 25g for old users)

Disadvantage: slow speed.

  Google Drive

Advantages: fast speed, integrated Google services

Disadvantages: small capacity (free 5g), new products are unstable

Other domestic cloud storage: Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Jinshan, 115

4. Save text and picture information

Blog platform

Advantages: high weight of search engine, support to use search engine to search content.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to build WordPress. Although the blog system of portal platform is easy to build, most of the content cannot be exported.

Mail system


Advantages: powerful function, support to import other account mail, support to forward, good security, support two-step verification.

Disadvantages: sometimes it is not accessible at home.

QQ email

Advantages: more functions, support to import other account mail, support to forward.

Disadvantages: it does not support two-step verification of mobile phone, and does not support viewing the latest login IP address.

Microblog platform

Advantages: fragmented information recording, easy to use.

Disadvantages: text messages can be up to 140 words. Most do not support export.

Light blog platform

Advantages: easy to use, support more text and picture information recording than Weibo.

Disadvantage: the export function is not supported.

III. knowledge sharing

The purpose of knowledge sharing and dissemination is to let others know what you know and get the feedback of information. The reason for sharing lies not in who you know, but in who knows you, who influences you, and who you influence.

There are many channels for knowledge sharing, obviously, microblog is a good information feedback platform, because sharing without feedback is a failure, and the feedback of microblog is real-time and convenient, which meets the most basic needs of users, understands all trivial personalized information in the shortest time, and exchanges with each other.

List of tools:

1. Social network sharing

Weibo sharing: Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, twitter

Advantages: the social sharing ability of micro blog is strong. For domestic users, micro-blog can quickly and effectively share information to the public. Although Twitter has few Chinese users, the data can be exported when it is put on twitter, and the content on it will not disappear inexplicably, so it is suitable for backup.

Disadvantages: Currently, twitter cannot be accessed directly from home.

Social platforms: everyone, happy, friends, Facebook

2. Document sharing


Advantages: rich content, professional and resources

Disadvantages: Chinese resources are relatively small, and agents are required to access them

Baidu Library

Advantages: rich Chinese content and resources

Disadvantages: low professionalism

3. Music sharing


Advantages: support the player's automatic recording, and the music database is relatively complete.

Disadvantages: the radio function is not free for Chinese users.

IV. use knowledge

After the collection and accumulation of knowledge, the most important thing is how to use these knowledge materials. Only the knowledge that is used is valuable. Whether you can use your knowledge well is an important test of one's ability. Only when you maximize your knowledge into value, can you improve your own personal value and personal brand.

Most of the network tools we use have built-in search. Google Reader, Gmail and delicious have built-in search functions, which can search all previous entries by keyword.

List of tools:

1. Local search: everything, Shanda light speed search

Everything is smaller and easier to use.

2. Time management to do list

  Remember the Milk

Advantages: the old task time management tool supports simplified Chinese and multiple platforms.

Disadvantages: the function is relatively simple, and the free version does not support synchronization.


Advantages: open API support, many applications, very flexible.

Disadvantages: the basic functions are free and the value-added functions are charged. The iPhone version is also charged and does not support Chinese


Advantages: good mobile interface, cloud synchronization, free

Disadvantages: less functionality


Advantages: domestic, full-featured, supporting IOS, Android and other clients.

Disadvantages: free version can only be synchronized once in 24 hours


Advantages: domestic, light weight, free.

Disadvantages: less functions.

3. Read later: pocket, readability, instapaper

I use readability a little more because it also has some unique features.

4. Password management: lastpass, KeePass, 1Password

Lastpass is very easy to use. The free version has enough functions. Please refer to this article for detailed evaluation.

5. Team collaboration tools

Document collaboration: Google Docs, Zoho, Baihui

File collaboration: Dropbox, skydriver (if Dropbox is not blocked, it is the best team collaboration tool)

Integrated collaboration: yammer

Advantages: it supports text, photo, file and video, and can easily build a convenient platform to share knowledge and support full-text search.

Disadvantages: charges, Chinese support is not strong.

6. Other tools

Ifttt: you can associate multiple Internet services, but its security is worrying.

MindManager: a tool used to draw mind maps. With this software, we can easily draw our thinking ideas, and clear our thinking in the face of complex problems.

The above personal knowledge management tools can be summarized in the figure below.

Well, the conclusion is over. The above are some personal knowledge management tools used by Moonlight blog. If you have any good tools, please leave a message to share with you later.