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> push these layouts to all projects

Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-14

1 Hi, Three days ago (excited checking the new features of 1.12) I had a "Lapsus Brutus" and pushed the Layout from Template Project to All. Doh! Talking with Nephi he told me that there is no undo for this neither a way to unretire pages, but now an "undo" is on their list of things to do. Besides an undo feature, sometimes could be handy to push these layouts to most of the projects, at least for our studio 90% of the projects use the same layout without custom pages. So, the feature I'm asking for is a "lock" (checkbox) field for projects to prevent changes on that kind of actions, this way you can push the layout to the rest. Or maybe a way to disable the feature to push from the Site Prefs. This time was me, but tomorrow could be one of my admins exploring SG. Cheers, Doc 댓글을 남기려면 로그인하세요.