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vmware operating system installation & configuration and use of additional functions

Posted by forbes at 2020-04-14

Set the operating system and usage of VMware usage

How to use the additional functions (transfer to tools and files) after installation and setup of VMware usage.

If you need to download and install VMware Workstation 15 player, see the link below.

VMware download and installation method - Windows 1064 bit

VMware operating system settings directory

How to use VMware before operating system installation, use the basic preparation - VMware to install the operating system, which basically requires ISO image files. Setting up any operating system is also applicable. This article describes the setting of windows 10 Pro operating system as the standard. If you use another image file, you can use it to do the same. If you need the windows 10 ISO image file used in this article, see link 7 below.

Windows 10iso image file download 7 times

Struggle ISO Download Image File

VMware usage operating system (OS) setup method

Officially start VMware installation If you have the ISO image file installed, now use VMware Workstation 15 player to install the operating system.

1. The first to run VMware Workstation 15 player, click on "create a new virtual machine".

2. Next, you should put the ISO image file on the virtual machine disk. If the new virtual machine wizard is running, you must put in the ISO image file to be installed in "installer disc image file (ISO):". Click "Brown..." to select the prepared ISO image file.

3. The image file added to the virtual machine disk will be displayed on the location (path), and "virtual machine name" will be specified after confirmation. As shown in the figure above, please name the player and click "next" to continue.

4. You must specify the disk capacity of the virtual machine. Specify 20GB, and view it in the store virtual disk as a single file and click "next". (depending on the usage, the setting values are different, please refer to the following instructions for setting.)

Store virtual disk as a single file: check this if you want to generate a file from the virtual machine. (check this if the hard disk of the computer you are using is in NTFS format. I don't know what it means. The probability of using NTFS format is high, and the performance of single disk is higher.)

Check this if you want to split virtual disk into multiple files: to split virtual disk files into 2GB multiple files. If you want to split your disk into another computer, but if you use a large disk, performance may decline. (it is recommended that you use fat 32 format in your host hard disk.)

Maximum disk size (GB): the recommendation for 1064 bit windows is 60GB, but in fact, if it's not for the lack of disk capacity on the host PC, or the PC hardware specification is low, or it's not for the purpose of game, only 20-50gb is needed. If the capacity is surplus, 60GB is recommended.

5. If you have finished setting up your hard disk, you need to click Customize hardware... To define your PC hardware. Power on this virtual machine after creation is to ask whether to run immediately after the virtual machine is generated, just check.

6. You need to set up the hardware according to the purpose of the virtual machine. It is not necessary to set the same setting according to the author's setting. Read the additional instructions and then set the value.

First, click memory from the left to set the memory. The recommended memory for windows 10 virtual machine installation is 2GB (2048 MB), and the minimum recommended memory is 1GB (1024 MB). I specified 4GB (4096mb). If you want to run the smallest operating system flexibly, 2GB (2048 MB) is recommended.

7. The number of cores for processors is specified below. In the case of the number of cores, most of the two are recommended. Excessive cores will reduce the host performance, please note.

The following is a description of virtualization engine settings.

Virtulize Intel VT-x / EPT or amp-v / RVI: assume that when the CPU supports the virtual browser in the virtualization engine, the option with the enforcement mode of Intel VT-x / EPT or amp-v / RVI is simply the virtualization performance improvement technology supported by the CPU. The author confirms through activation and support. The activation confirmation method can refer to the following article for confirmation.

Confirm virtualization support before downloading and installing

Virtualize CPU performance contents: enable this option when you want to perform advanced debugging or performance monitoring. Generally, inspection is not recommended.

Virtualize IOMMU (IO memory mapping unit): with memory and DMA packing technology, and the binary virtualization technology of amod and Intel chips, virtual addition of four devices will accelerate hardware. It cannot be used without the support of madeward. The author did not confirm.

8. Here are the network content settings. Just use the bridge to confirm the connection

Bridged: select this option if the host system is connected to the network and has the IP address of the virtual system (or the IP address can be obtained by the DHCP server). Then the network host can directly communicate with the virtual system. Absrtact: simply regard the network of host PC and guest PC as the physical composition.

Nat: using NAT connection, virtual system and host system share a single network ID that is not visible outside the network.

Host only: using the host private network, the virtual system only communicates with the host system and other virtual systems of the host private network.

9. Display settings. Check "accelerate 3D graphics" under 3D graphics and set it to 1GB ~ 2GB (1GB recommended).

Graphics memory: Specifies the amount of video card memory to be allocated to the guest PC.

After setting, click close at the lower end to proceed to the next step.

10. As shown in the figure above, please confirm whether the user-defined hardware settings conform to your settings, and click "Finish" to start to generate the virtual machine.

VMware usage (Windows 10 Pro) installation method

After all the settings are completed, click Finish to officially enter the operating system (Windows 10 Pro) installation phase. As a reference, when installing the operating system, you can simply follow the instructions, but for beginners, only some parts that you may not know are provided. Don't panic because the photo is not there. According to the screen prompt, yes, as long as you agree. Follow the instructions below to set up how to use VMware.

1. On the home page, as shown in the figure above, when the boot broker is started, you can move to "reset the system" and press the entertainment key. The virtual machine system will be restarted and the initial screen will be displayed when windows is installed.

Reference - the key to switch the virtual machine window to active is Ctrl + alt.

2. Click "no product" in the Windows Genuine certification section.

3. Select the operating system to install (s) menu, select windows 10 Pro version, and click next.

4. Please select the installation type. Select custom: install windows only (Advanced).

5. Please specify a location to install windows. You can display the previously set 20GB drive on the screen, and then click next.

6. Is it the right keyboard layout? Select Microsoft input and click examples.

7. Add second keyboard layout? You can add layout or click "skip" I choose to skip.

8. How to set it? Select personal settings in the section, and click next.

9. In the Microsoft login section, click offline account.

You can create a new account by creating an account.

10. Do not log in and click "restricted environment".

11. The name of the local account to use when logging in under a non PC name. You can follow the settings you want. (you can change later.)

12. The author did not enter the password, but click "next".

13. Click "no".

14. When using a virtualized machine, the basic performance is very different from that of the host PC. Please disable all of them in "device's personal information setting selection" and click "accept".

Of course, you can set it appropriately if you want.

Now that the settings are all over, windows 10 Pro will be installed on the virtualization machine. After a period of time, the system will restart and the settings will end.

After setting, the normal setting screen of VMware Workstation 15 player will show you the virtualization machine tools (VMware Tools) after installing the system and the mobile file (sharing) methods of host PC and guest PC.

What is vmware tools? Installation reason and function

First of all, you are curious about what vmware tools are and why they should be set up Here is a brief description of vmware tools.

Although the guest operation system does not have vmware tools, there are many VMware functions that can only be used by setting vmware tools. Vmware tools can improve the performance of virtual system, and also use the simple functions of many VMware products. For example, here are a few features that only vmware tools can use.

VM software installation

1. First, install vmware tools. In the upper left corner of VMware Workstation 15 player. Click to install vmware tools in sequence.

2. As above, you can click vmware tools setup64.ex to run it.

3. Click "yes".

4. The VMware Tools installation wizard starts. According to the simple guide, you can click several times to complete the installation.

Here is how to share files on virtual machines and hosts by using VMware and moving files.

Move VMware usage file - (file share settings method)

With VMware Workstation 15 player, it is necessary to move files between host PC and guest PC. Here's how to use VMware to simply move files through file sharing settings.

1. Click play March settings... On the top left to perform the virtual machine configuration options.

2. When virtual machine settings is running, click on the Options tab above and select "shared folders".

Check "always enabled" and click "add..." after "map as a network drive in Windows guests".

3. Click next after the adshadfolder wizard starts.

4. You must create a folder that is shared on the host. Please click "Brown..."

5. After opening the folder view, you can create a shared folder on the host. The path is as follows.

Shared folder for the virtual machine name that generated my PC document virtual machines

In my case, the name of the machine is VM windows 10, which creates a shared folder (FS) by creating a new folder here. If you have created a shared folder, please select the folder and click OK.

6. Displayed on the host path, the name of the shared folder generated in name will be specified. Click "next" to continue.

7. Check enable this share and click Finish to complete the shared folder settings.

Move files with test Put the application in the shared folder (FS) generated on my host PC.

Now turn on my computer, you can see that the network location shows "shred forders" as above, go in and confirm whether there is a program to move on the host.

You can confirm your application by moving files in the shared folder.

Prompt you can right-click to send the shared folder (FS) to the desktop shortcut settings you can quickly share your host and player's PC on the desktop.

Although it's gossip, if you set up vmware tools, you can also learn how to use VMware by dragging between computers~

You can speed up your computer with additional windows 10 optimization settings.

The above is the setting and tools of VMware usage.