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perform an e2e test with cypress for sites that cannot be accessed without socks proxy

Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-14

How to use socks for socks

Although I usually do not work remotely, I have been working on remote work for about two weeks. I think that there is a remote work, but because it is a bit flashed when accessing the site with IP restriction, I leave it to blog as information sharing for the company.


The environment I tried this time.

The condition of wanting something

It was trying to flow the E2E test in cypress to the site where IP restriction was carried out. Roughly, it is such a configuration.

Mac -- - (VPN) --- socks proxy --- IP restricted sites

Set a proxy on Linux or MacOS

I tried it while trying to remember a slight anxiety.

Although the proxy configuration itself seems to be in good condition, warning has gone out and failed to access.

Is it impossible to use socks proxy from cypress?


The official proxy documentation confirmed that the socks proxy was described.

Proxy configuration

Safe access!


Because I had an image of delegated in docker hub, I could solve it easily. I don't usually work remotely like me, but I think that people who work remotely work with VPN and proxies will affect the effect of corona virus. I would be happy to serve you.