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tencent engineers enter wi hotel for curiosity

Posted by patinella at 2020-04-13

Although the engineer has deleted the blog post, it can still be found on the Internet.

Singapore media reported that Tencent security engineers, driven by curiosity, hacked into a Singapore hotel's Wi Fi gateway server and revealed their password. They were arrested by Singapore police and faced fines and jail time.

Zheng dutao, a 23-year-old Tencent Security Engineer, decided to have a try when he was wondering if the hotel's Wi Fi system was vulnerable during a security meeting in Singapore in August. Later, he found that the anlab Wi Fi gateway used by the hotel to verify the user's identity had a telnet and FTP connection vulnerability, and also hacked into the MySQL database where the default administrator login password was stored.

Zheng was charged with hacking into the hotel system and distributing passwords without permission. The former was found by the court to be motivated by curiosity and did not cause substantial damage, and the second offence has not been determined. Once established, it can be sentenced to up to three years' imprisonment and Po 10000 yuan (about NT $224000).

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