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how to accurately launch facebook ads? avoid these 20 mistakes and don't waste a dollar

Posted by herskovits at 2020-04-12

Facebook advertising mistakes are like stepping on a mine in a mine game - when you create your first ad series, your goal is to avoid making mistakes for novices - once you lose focus and hit the wrong box, you're out!

In conclusion, as long as it doesn't end in the wrong way, it's a good thing, but it may cost more advertising expenses. And you always have to come up with a way to deal with the underperforming ad mix.

For this reason, please read my article 3 Facebook advertising misconceptions and the "extremely short" explanation in Facebook advertising misconceptions as a warm-up dish, and then continue to watch the 28 serious mistakes and even troubled money burning behaviors I sorted out for you.

1. Wrong goal setting

For example, the cost of some age groups is actually higher than other age groups.

You can start your advertising campaign through target customer research to ensure that you are targeting the right audience, so how can you avoid targeting the wrong audience?

1) Customer research on demography

Browse your customer base and learn everything about your audience – age, gender, location, work experience, buying behavior, lifestyle, education, etc. Then set them up correctly in the advertisement.

2) Analytical interest

Use Facebook audience insights to capture your target audience – the tool expresses what people have already said on Facebook, as well as information from trusted third-party partners.

After understanding the potential audience's interests, it will be easier to create relevant advertising messages and successful advertising designs.

3) Benefits for niche

Not to describe the broad interests of hundreds of thousands of people, but to narrow the target audience. You can add multiple interest layers so that audience members must match at least one interest at each positioning level.

(for more operation methods, please refer to target setting | Facebook instructions)

2. The correlation between flow temperature and correlation score is not considered

When creating advertising messages, you should consider that "not everyone will be familiar with your brand as soon as they see your ads.".

Although some audiences are familiar with the advantages of your product, there are still many audiences who have never heard of you before.

And this may make them intuitively associate, "why do I see this ad? "

In the example above, cellebrity cruises once advertised "although there is a discount volume, why do you want to pay for it?" what do you think of the effect?

An easy way to assess audience fit and match is to check your Facebook ad relevance score, which is an indicator of how all the people you touch react to ads. According to the test report of relevance score: We analyzed 104256 ads to understand and improve it, the conclusion is that "relevance score helps predict CPC & CTR"

(the more relevant the ads are, the fewer hits & conversions)

3. Target audience is too broad

Even if you think that you have narrowed down the smallest group, and you have made a special strategy of discount, but unless you are a well-known brand, you still have to face the situation that once you enlarge the audience, the message cannot "maximize the reach" of all potential customers.

So, how to judge whether it is too extensive First, look at the cold numbers.

If there are more than millions of people involved, they "intuitively" ask themselves, "are there really so many people interested in buying my products? If the answer is no, immediately narrow the audience characteristics or based on the interest of the lock-in.

Again, what is the expected advertising coverage (project ad reach)?

Besides, please compare the total audience size. The best way to avoid too wide a situation is to set up exclusion conditions.

4. Do not use custom audience

You don't have to doubt that custom audiences are your best use

Remember how to make good use of different temperature flow to increase the possibility of more sales? What did you say?

In fact, it is to help you access the "warm flow" purpose But do you think of it?

If you haven't used it, check out the instructions below:

1) Create a re marketing campaign to collect leads

2) Re marketing for visitors who have visited the page or buyers who have bought products

In the same situation, the visiting representatives are at least interested. Please don't waste them and ignore them. Whether they come to the thank you page or at least buy the page, they are the objects of "enthusiasm". If it's up selling and cross selling, there's a chance to close a deal.

5. Do not exclude past conversions

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers always forget to click or even let you get the conversion. If you don't do this, it will happen:

The so-called "advertisement fatigue" means that "the same person sees the same advertisement in several consecutive days, so the interaction with the advertisement will decrease, resulting in higher cost of obtaining customers"; while the "original support for audience plummeting" means that "the more time spent on the same person, the more disgusting you will be.".

Therefore, you must exclude specific pages (ex: Thank you page).

6.24-hour all day broadcast

Is your proposal content or target audience really suitable for this?

If so, it sounds reasonable, but is there a more efficient playback time?

In 12 Speed ways to overcome ad fatigue (and keep down your cost per action):

In order to solve advertising fatigue and maintain frequency control, in addition to this page to teach you how to solve, please also set a custom schedule, and within a week at a specific time of advertising. If you're still worried about Facebook sending multiple ads to the same person every day, you can use the frequency cap control.

7. Misunderstanding of bidding mode

In fact, the advertising setting mode of Facebook advertising is very similar to Google AdWords, and PPC bidding is like a kind of science, which can effectively apply the advertising series cleverly.

According to the above figure, there are three bidding modes (★ do not repeat the function description, only point out the key points of use ★)

But in fact, there is no 100% all-in-one optimization choice, and you can only learn from trial and error. To understand the relationship between advertising cost and placement location, please refer to the following chart:

8. The advertising effect is too slow

What does that mean? Let's say the picture below

You can see that there was little change in the first two weeks There are five possible reasons for this:

What's the treatment? The answer is, "allocate the budget for the whole phase.".

For example, if you want to get 10000 exposures to see if it is feasible, you will want to spend 2000 yuan instead of 400 yuan in the first place to get the impression that the page is scrolled when you get the most resources in the first place.

The reason for this is that unless the ad is "super relevant" to the target audience, it will display fewer ads than you want. So if you want to advertise to more people at the start of the series, increase your initial budget and increase your audience.

9. Unclear objectives

When writing a text, you should have the cognition that you must have different ultimate goal expression ways according to different types or stages. This is a point that must be kept in mind only - if you make a mistake, it will lead to the wrong idea guidance of visitors and the possibility of losing interest.

Advertising rookies often don't notice this

So for optimization, try a / B test to see if it's properly written or missing some key elements.

(two groups of advertisements run together to see who gets the best results! )

So how do you write effective copy Please think about how you want to define your purpose first! In the beginning's Guide to writing Facebook ads, a key point is mentioned: "a copy only needs one purpose, not greedy, and please stick to it! "

Do you want them to buy more from you? Collection list? Create and spread brand awareness? All sentences in the whole copy must be "fully supported" to push the visitors to the right direction!

In fact, creative tips for your Facebook ads also suggests:

In addition, you can get comments from existing customers - in ecommerce consumer reviews: why you need them and how to use them, it shows that "if new visitors see comments from past customers on the page, at least 61% of them will affect the decision whether to buy or not.".

Finally, when writing, please avoid being confused, so as not to affect the opinions you want to convey. At the same time, it is a challenge for you to try to create a sense of trust while describing.

10. Fill the advertisement with too much text

Facebook advertising was originally set up to believe that "less is more" - the less distractions, the more likely it is to be successful. In 13 ways to increase your conversion rate right now, it is explained that "the more visual input and action options visitors have to deal with, the less likely they are to make conversion decisions.".

When you want to analyze how to be the most perfect post, optimizing Facebook engagement – Part 3: the effect of post length is shown in the following chart:

In addition, a summary is also made in the Research Report e-book of what 120 billion impressions calls us about successful Facebook marketing: "the fewer words, the higher participation.".

The reason for this is that the more powerful it is to motivate you to think about how to use the simplified information to convey the maximum benefit, while catering to the modern people's general dislike of wordiness when browsing the page.

(even Dyson follows this principle)

This refers to the part of "product promotion", but if you want to promote the "website articles and other long-term discussion content", a longer introductory copy is more meaningful → a guided description helps to attract readers' attention and stimulate curiosity, so that they are more interested in clicking links to read more content.

11. Forget to subtitle the film

In most of the films, Facebook does not "preset" sound.

In the official website document capture attention with updated features for video ads, it shows that "41% of the films are basically meaningless without sound - displaying subtitles, trademarks and products can help communicate your message. Even in silent state, it can increase the viewing time by 12%.

In addition, Facebook said, "in the mobile device feeding environment, people like to choose sound. However, when the film advertisement on the painted duck wall is played when people don't expect it, 80% of the customers will have a bad feeling towards the platform and the advertiser.

When you forget to mark this as a movie ad, people may not click the "play" button and watch it - that's because they can't understand whether your ad has a profound meaning, at best, they can speculate, or just see a movie without sound or text.

In this regard, 6 tips for better Facebook video ads said that the following behaviors will cause the risk of low participation:

Because it takes a lot of time to make and draft the content of a film before it is engaged in, and then to officially record, post produce, cut, upload and publicize it, so please make a comprehensive plan before you take action.

12. Wrong advertising position

According to the experimental data of we tested over 100 different Facebook ads in one month – here's what we learned, "table ads are 543% higher than mobile ads + audience network.".

Even so, your money is worth more than anywhere else.

(different location, different benefit, it's up to you)

As all marketers know, you can choose between:

Advertising location is very important, but the reason you choose the wrong one is often "the product and location you want to propose are fundamentally wrong". For example, if you want to provide a trial version of software but choose to advertise in instragram, do you think people will be interested in associating with your software when browsing pictures?

Therefore, in order to find out which position has the highest ROI, please multiple test and record the analysis. Among the ad administrators, you can check which one has the lowest CPC and the highest conversion rate according to the order of publishing location.

Finally, if you're not sure which location to choose, which one should I choose in my facebook ad mix? Detailed description.

13. Advertising is not attractive at all

Even if you are targeted at a specific user-defined audience, and have brilliant advertising information related to this audience, you may not be able to get the possibility of advertising being read.

In fact, according to the shocking truth about how web graphics effect conversions, "when people see any message, they will be attracted by the image first, and then they will look at the title." that is to say, if you can't seize the opportunity in both, the advertisement will be quickly slipped and ignored.

An advertisement with an image often makes the following mistakes when it fails to attract:

Which one makes you feel better? )

And according to the research of impact of color on marketing: management decision: Vol 44, no 6, "people will spend about 90 seconds to interact with products in all kinds of visual, auditory, tactile and other ways, so as to produce a deep impression of spiritual feelings. And 62-90% of them are based on color factors and account for the largest proportion.

Creating a variety of advertising images will help more people pay attention to your ads - read and follow your instructions. But if you still doubt it, on 100k Facebook ads tested: Here's what works! It directly shows that "whether the picture selection is correct or not accounts for 75-95% of the advertising performance.".

So... Please make sure that the low mark is at least 1200 × 628 pixels, so as to show the best effect in various sizes of screens.

14. Lack of clear value

Value statement is like you want to convert it into a language that customers can understand → describe the benefits of products, differences and differences between competitors! It's like putting call to action and telling them why.

(it seems like a good advertisement, but it can't tell the benefits clearly and the difference between it and its rivals.)

In this regard, how to create a useful value proposition w / examples suggest that you do not hype for hype, such as "make sure there is no shortage, even the opponent is inferior, I don't know when to open the next purchase" Etc.

Therefore, in order to meet the characteristics of "easy to understand", we need to use "vernacular" instead of "classical Chinese, jargon", and put these words in the title or image, so that we can see them quickly.

(communicating the benefits of using the platform to lock in and reach at least 433 million professionals)

15. Make a wrong a / B test

Even if I know to test, I also know that at least as my facebook ads have not been exposed for any times, or the times are few: "it takes 24 hours for the delivery system to find the most suitable and effective delivery method for your ads; if you edit the ads frequently, the delivery system will take longer operation time. To solve this problem, please let the advertisement be published for at least 24 hours before editing. ".

But I have to tell you, "not all of the test ideas are good ideas, and your a / B test ability is usually limited to a few tests a month when the advertising budget is limited.".

To this end, a method for prioritizing a / B test ideas that won't hurt feelings provides the following chart. If you can meet the standard, you will be scored 1 point, otherwise 0 point The closer you get to 10, the more expert you are.

You can also refer to the chart drawn by PXL: a better way to prioritize your a / B tests.

Finally, Facebook ads split testing 101 shares the rich experience they gained from testing all advertising elements for at least $3 million:

As you can see, many of these elements are relevant to your target audience This again reminds you of the importance of identifying the target.

16. Too many items tested at the same time

As a crash course on a / B testing Facebook ad campaigns said: "many people start their research from the first step - collecting interests, then integrating them all into a large list of ad administrators, and finally looking forward to attracting a large number of target audiences But this is a serious mistake, because it will cost more advertising Although you may get results, you don't know which interest brings the best results. ".

A / B test is not the best way to put all the eggs in the same basket. Because in every experiment you run, you need to make sure that the results you get are not only statistically significant but also statistically valid.

As with copywriting, at least 500 conversions should be collected before any conclusions can be reached. If you want to test more than two versions, you need more ad shows and conversions to determine the winning option.

17. Ignore conversion tracking

Although ignoring it can make ads run faster, it's stupid in the long run.

Without it, you can't analyze the results - you can see the click through rate and other indicators, but you can't know the off site conversion.

First, go to the advertising administrator - pixel tab, and then click "set pixel" on the top left,

Select Install pixel code

Copy and paste the following equation code into the head tag of each page on the website. Of course, you can also get Google Analytics to check it.

If you want to track the following 9 specific events, such as "add to shopping cart, complete registration", please install the "install event code" in the figure above! (★ no additional screenshot here ★)

All of the above are fully explained in the Facebook pixel user guide. In a word, no matter what kind of a / B test you make, you must set it.

18. Let advertising ignore the guard and let it operate

22 silly no brainer reasons why your Facebook ad campaigns fail did an experiment: "they ran groups of ads for months."

In five months, it jumped from an average of $3.333 to $38.470 Up 1050%

For this kind of phenomenon, although CPC will have this change, we can understand whether it is a good page design and the target group likes our products But generally speaking, the number of customers that can be sold is too small, which leads to a waste of a lot of advertising expenses and a bad result.

To this end, challenge: review 8 Facebook ad metrics and improve your ad performance recommends that you focus on the following eight indicators:

19. Ignore advertising frequency

The so-called "advertising frequency" refers to the average number of times people can see advertisements. As mentioned above, "the more often people see advertisements, the more likely they are to cause advertising fatigue.".

According to the actual situation, silent but dead: the frequency of your Facebook ads has made an experiment to see how it will affect CTR and CPC

You can see that when people see the same ads twice, the click through rate drops by 8.91%; but when they display the same ads five times, the cost per click is 98.51% higher than that of the first ad launch

In the face of this situation, it is recommended to control it to 3-5 at most, but there are exceptions - if you operate "re marketing" activities, you can tolerate a little more.

It is assumed that the CPC cost will be increased at the last key point, and the frequency can even reach 15 times.

In short, don't ignore the mistake of advertising too often - use it as an indicator that the ad series may need to update (or check other indicators to confirm the facts)

20. Do not use automatic execution rules

If your advertising frequency is too high, resulting in poor performance of your advertising series, please check your advertising report to avoid this burden, which is called automatic execution rule, which exists to keep your advertising series under control - if the rule conditions are met, four things will happen automatically:

In a word, you can apply rules to your campaign, set and ad. according to Facebook automated rules: Auto ad maintenance, the current conditions include:

To create a new ad rule, select one or more ad campaigns, ad combinations, or ads, and then click Create rule to trigger the action you want to perform by setting your own conditions.

In summary, the automated rules can inform you that "when an ad campaign starts, you will get lower results and help you control your advertising costs.".

Final conclusion

Advertising mistakes don't happen because beginners aren't cruel - sometimes we all face the risk of unconscious mistakes. For more information, see 32 Facebook ad examples you can't resist but copy

Direct download of supplementary e-book:

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