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share your technology and add some temperature for safety

Posted by verstraete at 2020-04-12


There are many positioning methods and more words in the article. Please watch patiently.

If you are not fit, please take a rest. Then watch it again


[QQ positioning]

1. QQ software positioning

The first method is QQ2009 (this method is not commonly used) [this method is limited to computer users and cannot be invisible]

Download QQ2009 first

The second is to use ntrqq (this method is commonly used) [this method has no limitations, computers, mobile phones, stealth, no impact at all. ]

If the above cannot be used, the official method can be used

Http://bbs.ntrqq.net/thread-13625-1-1.html (please install and use according to the official method)

Advanced users need to buy [purchase please go to ntrqq official] two or three pieces

Ntrqq ordinary user, the authority can use (send file, QQ remote, video sharing, etc.) to obtain friend IP

Operation process: direct, voice, QQ remote, video sharing, invite friends, wait for friends to accept or reject

Auto display to IP (friends reject or accept, IP can be detected)

Ntrqq advanced users can use advanced detection function to send a music. The other side only needs to see your chat window.

Operation process: click advanced detection - detect IP, wait for friends to view the chat window, click advanced detection - read IP

How to get the IP and how to carry out high-precision positioning, please see the following

2. Location of people near QQ

Preparation: one Android phone (remember to get root permission for the phone, I recommend using kingroot with a high success rate)

Xposed framework is installed with QQ chat version and a copy of virtual positioning software app (Freelander is demonstrated here)

Software download: link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qxxgvjy password: the thought process of vfvq positioning is to continuously simulate the location through virtual positioning software - view the distance between people near the target QQ and themselves - constantly try to simulate - (very laborious, very troublesome) - finally find out the exact address.

The thinking process of positioning is

Here, the mobile phone gets root permission, and I just want to talk about how to install the xposed framework. Because my mobile phone can't root, I use the night God simulator

Detailed process: first, open QQ chat, like the target (here, use QQ in KK assistant to force chat), and then go to the nearby people

First, open QQ chat, like the target (here use QQ in KK assistant to force chat), and then go to the nearby people

Nearby people, then click on the small hand to come to "who did I like?"

Then click on the target's Avatar, which is dust's

If there is a distance in the upper left corner, you can use this idea to find it. If not, you can't, and this idea can't be with QQ friends.

Then I entered into the constant simulation of location. Here I use the Freelander virtual positioning software (see above for software download) to simulate the location from top to bottom. It's very troublesome to switch the viewing distance between the two software.

General process: set the location of Freelander software, look at the distance, set the location of Freelander software, look at the distance. (all the way to the minimum distance)

In Freelander software, set the position to display latitude and longitude, and wait for the shortest distance. Look at the current latitude and longitude set by Freelander software

Here is a picture of the simulated distance to the target of 0.99km in the retest


[wechat positioning]

How to locate with high precision after receiving IP from QQ or wechat:

The figure above shows the demonstration diagram with an accuracy of 30m, with a credibility of 1 positioning radius of 30m, indicating that the positioning accuracy has reached 30m

The accuracy is up to 30m, and the specific principle is as follows

For wired broadband users, a relatively fixed public network IP is assigned. Users have placed WiFi wireless router under this line, and there are mobile users connected to WiFi. Baidu services, such as Baidu map or Baidu map SDK, are running in the mobile phone

Explanation of three unequal precision segments of the website

A. A large domestic operator has enough IP resources to allocate public IP directly to users. I used to play with the dynamic domain name tool under this kind of network before.

B. In some operations, in order to alleviate the problem of IP resource shortage, a large-scale use of proxy forwarding mode, to the user is private network IP, the user finally uses the IP pool of the proxy to access the public network.

C. The IP resource utilization rate of telephone operators is too low. Almost a province uses an IP pool to proxy the mobile network access to the Internet for users

Positioning accuracy:

For case a above, the accuracy can reach tens of meters

For case B above, it may be necessary to cover the scope of a city

For the case of C above, it is often the error degree of a province

A precision diagram

B accuracy diagram

C accuracy diagram

For 4G users, it includes China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom. Possible error is large, for example, B positioning error is small for WiFi intervention users, such as a and B

For WiFi users, the positioning error is small, such as a, B


[browser positioning] (with limitations)

This method uses latitude and longitude for positioning, which is more accurate than IP positioning.

1. The program (cloud dating) website includes: feifan.6llw.com PS: it's still expensive to buy.

2.1. This method can only locate the mobile phone open user, and the computer open user cannot locate.

2.2. When this method is opened, it will prompt whether to allow to obtain the location. If it is rejected, it cannot be obtained

2.3 in this program, the built-in browser on the QQ of Android phone is rejected by default, wechat, etc., and the built-in browser of Android phone will prompt.

2.4 the program will prompt in the built-in browser on QQ of Apple mobile phone and wechat

2.4.1 if IOS is over IOS 9 (including 9), it will not be prompted (excluding 9) if IOS is below IOS 9

Android phone, use QQ to open the screenshot of the website

Android phone, use wechat to open the screenshot

Apple QQ open Icon

Apple mobile phone internal browser (IOS 9) open Icon

The specific operation process is as follows:

Note: the latitude given in the background of the website is in front of the back longitude. Copy it to the query website. If the longitude is in front, the latitude is in the back


[summary of other positioning methods]

1. WeChat red packet, WeChat official account location, will also indicate whether to allow the current location, is also based on the above principle of HTML positioning (here I will not make a demonstration).

2.1 as for the location of mobile phone number that everyone is concerned about, only the operators have the right to view the location. PS: if the operators want to view it, they also need a lot of approval

It's not just a company employee who can do it. In addition, many operators don't know that there is such a thing,

2.2 another is that the Criminal Investigation Brigade has the authority to use (the use of Criminal Investigation Brigade can only be used with the approval of the Provincial Department of Public Security). Small police have no authority

If the network supervisor wants to use it, he needs to contact the criminal investigation team.

2.3 there are also people selling this kind of positioning on the Internet. Generally, most of the people with high prices (ranging from 1000 to 1500) are operators' internal personnel,

If someone doesn't believe what I said, please see that the video above comes from CCTV. If you say that CCTV is fake, then I can only send you three words XXX

The above is about all the positioning methods

Mdzz finally JB finished writing the article so long!!!

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