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message: then the mail stops coming every day

Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-11

Soon the postman may be seen less and less. According to Postnord, mail distribution tests every two days are likely to start in the 2021's.

Although digitisation has come to stop, letters are still being sent, but fewer and fewer every year.

The Post Office believes that we must now face up to the new reality, which means that we will most likely not be able to see our mailman as often in the future.

Falling figures

The number of letters sent has fallen sharply, making the port increasingly expensive. But that's not enough for Postnord.

Furthermore, Postal Nord, which does not receive any State aid for its activities, wants to start distributing the mail more rarely.

In the future, the post may come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week, to come on Tuesday and Thursday the next week, the Express writes.

The measure would lead to fewer employees, perhaps up to a half-workforce.

Planned for year 2021

We welcome the fact that Postnord is testing because it is important to know what the consequences are for recipients and senders, says Emma Maraschin, Head of the Post and Telecommunications Administration, PTS, Postal Questions Unit, to Expressen.

The two-day distribution tests may begin in the 2021-year period.

If such a decision is taken, it will affect the whole country. No exceptions, says a source to the Express.

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