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sec, first "no"

Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-10

For the first time, the securities and Exchange Commission has issued a "non restrictive measures opinion" to the cryptocurrency industry.

On March 3 (local time), according to the reports of Korean media, the SEC reported that tkj tokens issued by the aviation service industry "turnkeyjet" through ICO are not considered as "securities", and the "unconstrained preparation opinion" of the content used is recognized under specific conditions.

The opinion proposes the following non restrictive measures. ▲ token creation funds cannot be used for platform technology development including app ▲ when token sales, the platform has been developed and is in operation, use token immediately ▲ tkj token to maintain a fixed price of $1 ▲ token is only used for air rental service ▲ purchase at a discount price Maybe ▲ not for potential revenue but for practicality

Florida's special plane and air taxi service industry started to operate in 2001. The tkj token issued by the enterprise is only used for the sole purpose of booking a charter flight.

The SEC's opinion on unrestricted measures is a reply from James P. Celtic's counsel to the letter of the 2nd, signed by Zhao Nadan a. inke of the corporate finance department of the sec.

In a letter to the agency, terkey Jett said: "this is a token that can be used to use a dedicated flight service. Display US $1, the same amount of legal currency will be fully guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) security agency.

In addition, produce and continue to sell "turkey Gulf mass production. The use of tokens will be abolished and the rising dollar will be remitted to business or business partners.

On the one hand, the agency's opinion prohibits the transfer of the token, "tkj token can only be transferred to tkj wallet. On the contrary, the corporate letter made it clear: "if tokens are in circulation, tkj users can exchange their own tokens freely on the Internet."

The two-day letter was revised about 10 times, and the draft was submitted on May 23 last year. He has talked with SEC staff about 50 times since last autumn, four to five of which had more than an hour's discussion.

In December last year, the ballet dancer in charge of the SEC's cryptocurrency Department passed a no action letter saying that ICO enterprises can have a more perfect regulatory environment.

Previously, the chief stressed that "if the enterprise directly discusses with the SEC, there will be better results", "do not expect to carry out and be recognized, and hope to discuss and be approved with regulatory authorities before carrying out".

The SEC's interpretation and response to the first unrestricted action opinion varied.

Joshua asheri, a lawyer at Clemens law firm, said: "the issuance of unrestricted submissions is a big step forward. This will be a guide for the market. It is also noteworthy that the opinion reflects the opinion of the counsel.

In contrast, Preton, a lawyer at benaystow law firm, said: "the issue of public cryptocurrency has similar characteristics to securities. "Although it's a good change, it can't be said to open up the possibility of issuing cryptocurrency products that enterprises want," said the non restrictive measures opinion

On the same day, the SEC issued a new regulatory policy for token issuing enterprises.