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update content types through powershell

Posted by verstraete at 2020-04-10

How to update the page template based on the personalized content type in SharePoint 2013?

We are here on a publishing website of SharePoint 2013. Here is the content type: typecontentcellenzail inherits the HTML field of the content type page "and HTML 1".

This is a one page editing mode:

We have htm1

We want to add a new htm2 area to our web page.

First, we need to update the content types associated with the page template.

PowerShell scripts can set:

Once the update is complete, please check the content type in our website settings.

... page setup based on our content type can also be found in page setup.

Once the content type is updated, we also need to update the page template according to this article.

Once the template is updated, we can use the new HTML fields.