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zigoo0/webpwn3r: webpwn3r

Posted by agaran at 2020-04-09

WebPwn3r - Web Applications Security Scanner. By Ebrahim Hegazy - @Zigoo0 Thanks: @lnxg33k, @dia2diab @Aelhemily, @okamalo Please send all your feedback and suggestions to: zigoo.blog['at']@gmail.com How to use: 1- python scan.py 2- The tool will ask you if you want to scan URL or List of urls?

1- Enter number 1 to scan a URL 2- Enter number 2 to scan list of URL's

3- URL should be a full link with a parameters .e.g http://localhost/rand/news.php?com=val&id=11&page=24&text=zigoo same thing with the list of links. Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6kDUk-ehOE In it’s Current Public [Demo] version, WebPwn3r got below Features: 1- Scan a URL or List of URL’s 2- Detect and Exploit Remote Code Injection Vulnerabilities. 3- ~ ~ ~ Remote Command Execution Vulnerabilities. 4- ~ ~ ~ SQL Injection Vulnerabilities. 5- ~ ~ ~ Typical XSS Vulnerabilities. 6- Detect WebKnight WAF. 7- Improved Payloads to bypass Security Filters/WAF’s. 8- Finger-Print the backend Technologies. More details: http://www.sec-down.com/wordpress/?p=373