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can i use aroma oil with humidifier? i introduce the idea of the choice, the usage of the recommendation, and the substitution idea.

Posted by herskovits at 2020-04-08

I want to be healed by aroma while humidifying in winter

An indispensable humidifier in this period

"Humidifier" that cannot be released this drying season. Many people want to enjoy aromatherapy with the aroma that is healed with the humidifier.

However, in the case where the humidifier is hung in the aroma oil, there is a person who has experienced the trouble of "the humidifier is polluted immediately", "the humidifier is broken" and "trouble replacing it every year".

This time, we introduce a way to enjoy aroma without humor and a substitute idea.

It is easy to break down the oil to the humidifier, and it will also affect the body

If you want to enjoy both humidification and aroma, first, please check the humidifier to use "essential oil" and "aroma correspondence". In the case of a general humidifier without the description, it is not possible to use aroma oil together.

In the first place, the aroma component contained in a small light shielding bottle called aroma oil is called "oil," which is characterized by fat solubility.

Many people put water in the tank of a common humidifier, and it uses the drop of a few drops of the essential oil and set it in the humidifier, and the oil adheres to the humidifier, and it is stained with the fan and the filter. This is because humidifier is weak, the tank is dirty, and the humidifier breaks quickly.

In addition, many components contained in the essential oil are natural organic matter, and this is the nutrition of the bacteria contained in tap water and mineral water. That is, the essential oil components attached to the inside of the tank and the spout of the steam cause the bacteria and mold.

By using the humidifier and the aroma oil in this way, it is possible that the bacteria and mold are scattered in the room.

The humidifier is counterproductive unless you use it correctly

How to enjoy humidification and aroma

If both humidification and aroma are fun, choose "essential oil corresponding to humidifier".

Generally, it is OK if you buy "water soluble Alma oil". Since it is literally "water-soluble", the risk of sticking to the humidifier and causing clogging and failure is low.

However, since this "water-soluble aroma oil" is made artificially, there is a disadvantage that it is not possible to enjoy the aroma component of pure plant and to expect the health effect of the essential oil.

However, "I want to enjoy the steam with good smell". It is easy to use several drops in the tank. The price is very cheap compared with 100% natural essential oil.

How to enjoy humidification and aroma

If you expect the effects of essential oils (sterilization, antiviral, etc.), you still need to buy 100% natural essential oil.

The humidifier can be used to prevent the spread of the virus in the air.

There are two types of items called "humidifier corresponding to aroma". One is based on the assumption that water soluble aroma oil is used.

The other is the name of "essential oil pocket", "aroma tray" and "aroma pad". If you want to enjoy the essential oil, buy the latter.

However, the regular maintenance of essential oil tray and pocket is essential even in the type of putting essential oil separately.

I want to enjoy humidification and aroma though there is no humidifier! Easy idea

Although there are essential oils, there are no humidifiers or humidifiers.

How to enjoy humid and aroma without humidifier

This is recommended for people living in a relatively narrow room, such as one room or 1K.

If you drop a few drops of the essential oil to the bathtub, you can easily enjoy the aroma bath, but after the bath, the bathroom door is fully opened without taking off the water of the bathtub for a while, and the comfortable smell and moderate moisture are diffuded in other rooms.

Let's try after the bus

How to enjoy humidification and aroma without humidifier

Put some drops of essential oil in hot water and dip the towel into the hot towel.

If the hot towel is sufficiently hung in the hanger, it prevents the drying of the room and diffuses the effect of the essential oil.

If you use a towel, you can moisten your room

How to enjoy humidification and aroma without humidifier

Here is the idea to use during work. Pour some hot water into the mug that is dirty, and drip some oil. With this method you can enjoy both humidification and fragrance easily during work.

If you feel that the fragrance has become weak, you can add more water to the fragrance

Even if you don't use aroma

The humidifier is an item that is very dirty regardless of the aroma and is easy to care. The tap water contains ingredients such as chlorine, calcium, and minerals, which quickly become attached to the humidifier.

This is also caused by the reproduction of bacteria, and there are many health damage caused by the diffusion of the vapor mixed with the bacteria.

A humidifier that is very active in the dry season. If you want to buy a humidifier this season, choose the one that suits you, such as Essen tea oil.

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* this article is based on the information as of December

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