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mysql export database design document

Posted by herskovits at 2020-04-07

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In word, using ODBC driver and office macro to control report output

Download tool

Tool download:


Extraction code: mhtd

Download the driver source you want to use according to the version of MySQL database

You can also download it on the official website:

Double click to install ODBC

Open windows control panel

Open windows control panel, management tools, open ODBC 64 (please choose according to the version)

Add ODBC data source

Click add, select the corresponding version of MySQL ODBC, click finish, and the connection option will appear

After the second step is installed successfully, the corresponding ODBC will appear

There are two versions of 8.0, one is ANSI driver and the other is Unicode driver.

The Unicode driver version provides more character set support, that is, multilingual support. The ANSI driver version is for a limited range of character sets.

Here, add 8.0 Unicode driver as an example

Data source name is mysql8

Open the word option and set the macro

Word connect data source

Unpack the package and open dbexportdoc v1.0 for mysql.doc

Connect to the database, change the corresponding user name, password and data source name

Export database table structure

Select the appropriate table and export

Error has been reported in the last export step since the first attempt. The command is invalid

Later, I restarted the computer and it was OK again. I don't know why

Download the dynamic soft code generation tool and unzip the installation

Download address:

Extraction code: 09hq

After decompression, run codematic2.msi to install. After the installation is successful, the desktop appears

Running dynamic soft code generator

Select new database server, select corresponding database and connect

Then restart the software

Connect to server, select database document generator

Select database and table, click generate

The document is generated

Installing the python environment

Official website:

Check add environment variable during installation

Be sure to check install PIP plug-in

Install mysql2docx plug-in

Open CMD command window, input

pip install Mysql2docx

pip install Mysql2docx pip install Mysql2docx

The mysql2docx plug-in will be downloaded and installed automatically

After installation, you are prompted to upgrade pip18, which can be ignored

Generate documents

CMD command box continue input


python python

Entering Python command mode

Then enter and execute the following three commands respectively

from Mysql2docx import Mysql2docx

from Mysql2docx import Mysql2docx from Mysql2docx import Mysql2docx m=Mysql2docx() m=Mysql2docx()


m.do('','root','password','db_test',3306) m.do('','root','password','db_test',3306)