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research report on the construction of financial security situation awareness system

Posted by truschel at 2020-04-07

With the development of Internet and the application of big data, cloud computing and other technologies, financial technology is rising rapidly, and the financial industry has undergone tremendous changes in this situation. But at the same time, network security incidents such as data leakage and blackmail virus occur frequently, and new finance faces endless security threats.

In the past, we focused more on how to defend the security issue. Now, in response to the new financial security threat of bringing forth new and qualitative changes, we should focus on perception, detection and response to avoid risks.

Next, by analyzing the network security situation, Dr. Wang Xiaozhen, director of the Network Security Research Institute of Ping An Financial Security Research Institute, will tell you the importance of network security situation awareness, the development process and technical framework of situation awareness, focus on the key role of Threat Intelligence Analysis in network security situation awareness, show us the principle and function of threat intelligence analysis platform, and propose Out of the financial industry security situation awareness solutions.

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