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2014 summary - the year of the competition

Posted by truschel at 2020-04-04


In February, I participated in MCM with my classmates in Shanghai, the first prize. Later, I joined Facebook Singapore Hackathon with ppwwyyxx, vuryleo and fqj1994, the consolation Award - T-shirt.

In March, bctf preliminaries were developed and operated. For the feeling of Hackathon, please refer to the notes of bctf working group.

In April, according to the design draft of aluex, we made the next front end for this year's agent, adaliam.

ASC '14

Later, I participated in ASC'14. Before the game, the whole team was very depressed, and made the final preparations in this state. I met ahyangyi at the C building early on the 20th, hoping to bring us good luck. Two volunteers from Sun Yat sen University were very enthusiastic when they arrived in Guangzhou. For dinner in the evening, we put together two tables to have dinner with the students of National Tsinghua University. National Tsinghua is very serious. It seems that there are at least two former students to guide them. Their teachers tease and say how Mr. Huang pressed Xiao Xu to help

On the 21st and 22nd, the cluster construction and application debugging were carried out. On the 21st, I came to the venue for the first time. There are 16 teams. Each team has a table, several chairs, two monitors, two USB keyboards, a network cable connecting Tianhe 2, and a cabinet at the back, which contains several servers, an Ethernet switch and an Infiniband switch. It took us a long time to install the system. When we got to the site, we still had two machines left unfinished. On the 22nd, I finally got everything right and installed all the necessary software, but the HPL that will be better the next day has not been previewed. In the evening, Xu Shizhen accompanied me to see how to adjust the parameters of HPL. I couldn't bear to go to bed at more than 3:30, and Jiang Linhao got more than 2:00. Xu Shizhen was studying all night. 6: Call me up and tell me some key parameters. After HPL operation, Jiang Linhao and I started to get su2 and quantum espresso. The tension of this day in Chengdu may be something I have never experienced before. In the evening, after a general analysis, 3d-ew, QE and su2 are all very good. It may be a big win. Then stay up late to watch licom2.

Day 2, the second day of the official competition. 8: Come to the venue around 00. Go to see the results anxiously. Jiang linhaonong's su2 dropped out of the second place by more than 10 points, the disadvantage of HPL was recovered, and quantum espresso was the second inferior to Shanghai. Li Kaiwei's 3d-ew is confident to win the championship, but the score on the scoreboard is a horizontal line -. what do you mean? Got a zero. In addition, Huazhong University of science and technology, host Sun Yat sen University, National Defense University of science and technology developing Tianhe 2, and Taiyuan principle engineering were awarded zero points. Although the result is correct, it violates the "physical law", so the score is zero. So many teams have used this method, and it's also related to the 3d-ew championship of Taiyuan University of technology and it's reported by the media. It's really interesting that the rules of the final have changed without any notice. The organizer gave us the chance to retest the scores, but there are several inequality conditions: it is understandable that we are not allowed to continue to use isotropy; after the replay, keep the scores of non replay teams unchanged, so that the handover will remain the first, so many teams will be burned for their previous hard work? I guess it may be because of these reasons: some media reports have been sent out, there will be a lot of public relations problems to deal with when there is a score change, and the sponsor can't bear this responsibility; those teams who don't use this method will get ugly scores, and the sponsor is worried that they will be dissatisfied and make this matter worse. We finally gave up the retest. Li Kaiwei and Qiao Yuchen started to watch the mysterious application mpiblast after they got up. From the score on my book, I can see that there is hope for the second place in the mainland. In addition, I just want to do my job well again, and think about the hope given by so many predecessors. I compiled several versions of licom2, and Jiang Linhao ran them. Then I started to watch mpiblast compile and run it after estimating the scale. Jiang Linhao and I are completely exhausted these days. I finally got the power curve and went back to sleep.


The next day, there was no accident. Hand it in first. However, if we and Huazhong win the first and second place of 3d-ew, we will deduct more than ten points if we hand in 3d-ew, and we will add 19 or 20 points. Who is the champion. But no more resentment can change the result. I always like to cajole myself with all kinds of reasons, the spiritual victory method. I'm sorry for Xu Shizhen and Jin Haofan. The previous scenes lingered in front of us again. At the beginning of last year, I learned about this event and thought that I would take part in it next year. I met Jin Haofan and Jiang Biye who were prepared under tough conditions. Last year, fqj1994 said that Huazhong and Tsinghua mentioned me when they were eating in Germany, and I would probably take part in the next year. Last July, when I went to National Tsinghua University to attend java primary school, I saw their department of technology To celebrate the notice of ASC'13, I think of the situation when Professor Zhong Yeqing came to teach parallel programming, secretly determined to take part in the next year's competition, and never lose; they were really very early prepared, and the team members who had participated in the summer vacation already gave lectures to the newcomers; emailed Mr. Huang that they wanted to participate; with the support of other teachers, they were able to participate again; when the team was formed Several great changes; the pressure brought by Xu Shizhen's and Xu's achievements in the past two years; the hopeless feeling when preparing; several cross ocean calls from Jin haopeng; staying up late and cooperating in the preliminary match; Jin haopeng said that they were not the dream team I imagined at that time; the long-lasting decline after the preliminary match; Jiang Linhao inspired us again and again; Xu Shizhen, Hu Yong and Wang Xinliang worked hard Exhausted consideration to provide resources and guidance; a three-tier practice banquet for an electronic department chief; Xu Shizhen and Xu Zhiheng's practice banquet for incense pot; difficulties encountered in building clusters on site; joy after the first day of the competition; loss at the beginning of the second day; consolation after knowing that he can still go to Germany Now I've changed a piece of iron. Give yourself a score of 70 for preparation before the game and 110 for on-the-spot performance. Li Gang's "suwuling ยท saishangfenggao" is the most suitable mood at that time. If you can come back next year, you must be "Yanran, you must sweep.". With a hundred thousand strong troops, we can travel across the desert. "But unfortunately, we don't even have the chance to say" work harder next year. ". They left Huazhong University of science and technology for a long time, did not participate in follow-up activities, silent protest. Mr. Huang washed his hands in the golden basin; after being informed that he was still the second to go to ISC '14 in Germany, he was a little relieved to stay up late to write an email inviting new players to join in, and a series of scene changes. I always remember what Professor Jiang Linhao said to you: he only joined in order to win the first place. He pushed me to work because he thought we still had hope. He gave up attending ISC'14 SCC because we didn't show great will to win the championship. After that, the teachers and students of Sun Yat sen University warmly welcomed us, as well as the National Tsinghua University. They ate delicious food and yachted around the Pearl River at night in Guangzhou. Beautiful scenery and delicious food, but I can't be happy all the time. I just always care about the competition It's been 8 months, but every time I think about it, I can't help but feel sad, angry, lamented and shed tears.

After a day's stay in Guangzhou, he left for Nanjing to prepare for the bctf final. It's no longer the way it was in the first round. I did a little work.

In June, Google Code jam and round made a breakthrough. ISC'14 student cluster competition in Leipzig, Germany. As always, I am pessimistic. This time, Chen Yichen is the spiritual pillar of the whole team. The stupidest thing about the machine is that we hand it in. After the exhibition, I made some things that made the organizers feel very fresh. In the end, it was less than a point to regret that CUHK was ranked third, which was much better than ASC, but it still became a heart knot for Germany to play in the next few days. Self evaluation, preparation 80, on site 110.

In July, the preliminary contest of Trend Micro codinsanity, in the form of algorithm contest, took part with mulab, ppwwyyxx and zxytim, and finally got the final.

August def con 22 CTF final. Compared with last year, it's a lot of empty writing. The reason is that I made some general defense during the competition. I feel too obscene to post it. On August 11, I finally got the entry permit to Taiwan. The next day, I went to San Francisco to play. Ztrix drove cbmixx and I to mountain view for a meal. I saw a lot of students and learned a lot. The next day was a one-day tour of the bay area. I visited Google, Facebook, Stanford University, twitter, and finally Golden Gate Bridge. At 02:00 the next day, I finally signed a new ticket to go to Taipei to participate in the 2014 final of Trend Micro codinsanity, and finally won the second place, because I was disappointed to show and organize the team in Singapore.

In September, this year's only trip not linked to the competition Starting from Chengdu on the 7th, I took a 9-hour ride to Kangding. The next day, I visited Yala snow mountain, Dongba grassland, Tagong grassland, Xinduqiao and zhedo mountain. On the 9th, I went to Hailuogou, via yagaji. It was foggy, and the visibility was very low in many places. In addition, there were many sections of Panshan road without guardrails, which was the most dangerous car I had ever taken. The owner of Xinfei Inn in the ancient street of Mozhen is very good. He made an advertisement for him, http://sfray.me/travel/xinfeibeibokezhan /. On the 11th, I left Hailuogou, passed Ya'an to Emei, and started to climb Emei on foot the next day. I met several students from Southwest Petroleum University. They were very enthusiastic and took us away. I stayed in hongchunping for one night. At 6:30 the next day, I went on my way and finally climbed to the Golden Summit in the afternoon! The next day, I returned to Chengdu and flew to Nanjing in the evening to exchange the experience of the competition with trend technology Nanjing Branch.

In October, I was a temporary worker in xctf, an affiliated event of geekpwn. I ate crayfish at night, but I found that I couldn't bear the spicy taste of it

November. Ali star activity, Hangzhou live to watch the double 11 shopping carnival, see 38 minutes deal 10 billion or so. It's the biggest harvest of this trip to see the left ear mouse teacher. On the 21st, I went to Nanjing again to work as a temporary worker for Jiangsu Xin'an preliminary competition like the bctf preliminary competition. But for this competition, I didn't go to Cheng high school reunion, missed the chance to see thousands of people and cherish my confidants, and lost something. Every time I go to Nanjing, I have to break something. I'm very unhappy.

Operation item

I feel that I can only accept search engine technology and CAML featherweight.


So I didn't sell myself until the end of 2014 In recent months, the idea of which city and unit to work in has been changing. I have never considered these aspects before, and now I have to be unprepared in my senior year. What I thought before was to work hard, just go to Google. Later, I slowly contacted some people and listened to some opinions. Many of the work may not be so interesting, and I stepped down from the altar in my heart. At the end of July, Google's interview in Shanghai, to be honest, was almost as difficult as the baidu interview I attended later. It was not as difficult as what I met when I was in Baidu interview. Of course, the interview is a comprehensive investigation. There are many things that the interviewer wants to investigate: understanding ability, thinking ability, adaptability, willingness to accept challenges, thoughtfulness, courage to try, etc. In August, I visited Google mountain view. It is said that the recruitment criteria have been lowered to a very low level. Then I heard that there are tens of thousands of people in MTV. It must be a screw to get in. What I want to do is probably to move the garbage can under a table in a room in a villa that you are not building or decorating. Of course, there will be a lot of meaningful posts. Assess your own level, education background and qualifications, and figure out the possibility of getting a good opportunity. Don't try. In this respect, I don't know the difference brought by academic qualifications. Is there much that undergraduate students can't do compared with master's and doctor's students? If so, I really hope I can be given an option during the interview. Different difficulties correspond to different jobs I can be engaged in In September, I failed in an interview with Facebook, but the Indian interviewer I met didn't feel very good either. It's a pity that I failed this time. I'm still interested in some open-source projects of Facebook, such as pfff and flow. But if the interview passes, do you have the chance to contact with these? There are too many factors to consider, such as working environment, atmosphere, level of colleagues, growth space, enough time to do things of interest, distance from living quarters, whether to do meaningful things, air quality, opportunities to find a sister. I am doing optimization but I can't determine the parameters. Before that, I always wondered why I could work abroad for so much money than at home Then I evaluated my viability and the ability to deal with all kinds of affairs. Then I thought about the food problem, the problem of finding a sister, and heard some opinions. Slowly, I adjusted my mind and gradually opened my mind. The priority of money has been lowered. Now some of the options, perhaps internship is a better way to understand. But I took part in all kinds of activities before and quit many classes. I still struggle to live this semester, and I can't practice to improve my understanding.

In recent years, it is increasingly felt that many regulations in the Department to facilitate the management of students and interests, in essence, limit students' better development in many aspects. Freshmen are not allowed to use computers; freshmen are forced to attend English summer camp in summer vacation (of course, students who are good at English can be exempted); freshmen to freshmen, one month or longer summer semester in summer vacation every year; students who do not want to choose a network center teacher can not even choose other departments in the school (@ a student who wants to choose a network center teacher).

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