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Posted by harmelink at 2020-04-04

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01, 09,

China Railway Corporation cancels the establishment of railway freight and the disappearance of the middle interest business

Under the double influence of the macro situation and the reform of freight transportation, the reform of railway freight transportation marketization is going further. On August 20, Document No. 136 of 2014 issued by China Railway Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Railway Corporation) was officially implemented, requiring all railway bureaus to cancel any form of railway transportation account management, and shall not restrict the open acceptance of freight by account management. Railway transportation account management refers to the fact that the customer has to finalize the purchase and sale contract with the railway transportation party, and only after filing with the railway department can the freight plan be submitted. For customers, one side of the railway system has always had complicated procedures and corresponding thresholds, including the procedures and enterprises of different types of coal

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01, 09,

Win three awards and shine the spotlight of Boao International Logistics Forum 2016

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01, 09,

Implementing the one belt, one road strategy, the company won the "most valuable investment enterprise in China's logistics industry" award.

One belt, one road, China International Logistics Cooperation and Development Forum 2016 China (Shenzhen) Internet plus logistics finance summit held in Shenzhen in December 12, 2016. On site logistics industry gathered. LV Xiaoqin, head of group public relations department, attended the conference as a special guest on behalf of Yuancheng group. One belt, one road, is the theme of the conference. The theme of this conference is how to use the Internet to promote business model innovation. The opportunities and challenges brought by cross border electricity providers and international trade to logistics finance under the Internet plus air gap.

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01, 09,

Shipping insurance center hopes to add 3 more cargo insurance electronic invoices to be piloted soon

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01, 09,

Freight EMUs or road and aviation will be impacted next year

Since the implementation of high-speed rail express and e-commerce trains one after another, China Railway Group, which has enjoyed the "sweet spot", has become more and more "enlightened" on the way of replacing goods with income. "Daily economic news" reporter yesterday (August 14) confirmed from the railway insiders that, in view of the increasing demand of e-commerce for railway freight, China Railway Corporation is in joint efforts to study the project approval of freight multiple units in recent years, and it is expected to open a special freight multiple unit on the high-speed rail line in the short term. "The general positioning of the railway is very clear. We should develop the competition between freight cars and airlines with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, and between fast trucks and highways with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour." Said the person. It's revealed, come on

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01, 09,

Seizing the opportunity, seizing the practical work and creating a new situation of transportation

At the end of 2016, the provincial economic working conference and the national transportation working conference were successively held. The economic work conference of the provincial Party committee emphasized that: we should lead the new normal of economic development with new ideas, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, take promoting supply side structural reform as the main line, unswervingly deepen reform in an all-round way, strive to promote the integrated development of the Pearl River Delta and the East and northwest of Guangdong, and accelerate the leading comprehensive transformation of Guangdong; we should focus on a new round of prosperity and development, and build a future oriented infrastructure We will speed up the construction of a high-speed transportation network and fight a three-year battle for the construction of expressways. The national transportation working conference pointed out that we should follow general secretary Xi Jinping's traffic.

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01, 09,

The first anniversary of the reform of railway freight transportation

In the past year of cargo reform, Jinan Railway Bureau has investigated the demand of cargo owners on the spot to help them calculate the logistics cost. In the past year of significant improvement in container transportation, the railway system has been actively adapting to the market and expanding the market since the initial passive entry of cargo reform. From the "iron boss" waiting for delivery to the "shop boy" of door-to-door pickup. This year, market awareness has been deeply rooted in the railway freight sector. In order to further integrate into the market, strive for the owner of the goods and develop the source of goods, Jinan Railway Bureau has developed a set of "martial arts secret scripts" for container transportation. Targeted delivery of freight budget scheme lower than highway transportation to target enterprises

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Notice of the Ministry of transport and other 18 departments on Further Encouraging multimodal transport