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bug fixes and related items

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-04-02

Blocked Items

When traveling on our planes, someone took the following items to himself in the cabin baggage or the painted equipment Not allowed. The list below is not complete and effective rules will apply.

things that can't be carried in hand

Private items

The real image of the player's hand.

Hide Items

Box cutter, IC/IC pixels, check (except for a length and no type of checkbox), meters, etc. Checks the box to be used for register type tiles such as box tiles, without a cartridge register, but with a simple laser server The word does not contain.

Applications for games

Baseball balls, arrow-men, cricket batts, golf clubs, hockey sticks, raccoon sticks, pool kio, sauce cops, spiders.

Gantt and Firearm

For the part of Gola-Barud, BG, Compressed Airgon, Firearm, Gang and Firearm, The real image of the tray gun and fire arm and launcher.


Crazy and hairy, Catal Prods, Crow Bar, Width, Drill (with no star's portable power drill), RI (with no star's portable power array), scroll drivers (except for the ice ripper kits scroll drivers), With a tool (raw and flat) but not limited, raw and flat.

Marshall Art/Spirit Protection Objects

Billy Clob, Black Jack, Brass Copy, Coboton, Mass/Paper Spots, Marshall Art's Dream, Night Stick, Nuckus, Marshall Art/Spirit Protection Things, Stone Gang/Shocking Tool, Throing Stars.

Things that can't be carried in hand and even check-in equipment.

Things that can't be carried in hand and even check-in equipment.

The contents of the buffer

Flare Gain, Gain Light and Gain Poor, Explorer Contents. Blasting Cap, Diamond, Highlighting, Flares (any kind of thing). The real images of the handgrenade, plastic explosives and explosives.

Compressed Gaps

like (generic and hydrogen-compressed gases) or Bhutan, oxygen, hydrogen, and a wave of cells

General Items

like Arol, except for his own needs, or for his substance, Fuel (with cooking fuel and any kind of generic fuel), gasoline, gas torch, light water, any kind of tracking machine, The real images of Tarpin and Panther, the most common objects.


like blinking powder and proteins

The raw and the raw matter

such as kittens, video clips and vital viruses

Radioactive Contents

like acid, corn, parachute, white cell batteries

Other dangerous objects

such as chalky, asthma or beautiful material. The Alarm tool has a briefcase and an attic hair.

Related Objects

Some other things that only take forward approval according to the rules of India, Internet drivers and local regulations can be done.

Battery-power battery, drive-ice, portable medical electronic device, etc.

The journey normally refuses to take the Saliph Balzing device running from the lithium battery. Please check for more information.

Battery Cells

Battery cell transport is now allowed in the handbag for some electrical/electronic equipment and removed at the security point Not done. Only open batteries with a rule-in-cell or batteries for portable electronic devices Carry on-back must be placed. The rule of the metal batteries should not exceed the rule of the metal contact 2 grams and the rule of the ion The watts should not be more than 100 times the rating for the batteries. They're considered extra batteries. To save the shortest government, These batteries must be kept separately. Each one has a maximum of 20 batteries.

Bug Tips

Travel with fewer goods in order to please the journey. It may be inconvenient to carry the goods by way of convenience. Make their equipment properly packed and tagged. The following shall be used: