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us authorities have signed contracts with companies to detain russian newspapers for immigrants

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-04-01

The White House has signed a contract with a private company to run a California immigration detention center, the associated press said. The total value of the contract is $6.8 billion.

In the first phase, about 4000 illegal immigrants detained on the border between the United States and Mexico will be placed in carlesico, San Diego, California, Adelanto and Bakersfield. The federal government does not rule out expanding or even opening more centers in the largest states of the United States in the near future.

Under the new contract, the Los Angeles Times says the number of illegal immigration detention facilities in California will double. The Cuban aerospace agency took note of the California publication, which contains a large number of immigrants bordering Mexico, which is the main priority of the customs and immigration service. More than 52000 illegal immigrants have been detained in the United States. Most of them are held in central Louisiana, an unsatisfying white house that insists on establishing such a center on the border with Mexico.

We note that this decision is contrary to the position of the California democratic administration itself. In October, California governor Gavin Newton signed a bill banning commercial prisons in California. The instrument will enter into force in the first half of January 2020.

California authorities described the law as "a historic step in the fight against excessive imprisonment, including the illegal detention of law-abiding immigrants and asylum seekers.". Commercial prisons violate our values and should not be in California. This attempt to circumvent the California authorities and federal procurement regulations that protect U.S. taxpayers must be addressed through congressional oversight. " -Statement by a representative of the state government. The law in California states that it should encourage U.S. immigration and customs authorities to find private prisons in other states. But it didn't happen, and the white house simply ignored California's new laws.

U.S. Customs and immigration police) took the strongest position in this regard. Its managers have shown that the contract does not fall within the scope of the new state arrangement. Peggy Hughes, the agency's press secretary, said the new rules would help move prisoners outside California, where they would be away from family, friends and lawyers. According to Hughes, California's laws designed to block federal law are inappropriate and harmful. " People who support the signing of contracts for private immigration centers say, The new facilities will allow ice to search more widely for channels that smuggle people from Mexico. Meanwhile, the number of arrests in Northern California fell from 7200 in 2017 to 5100 this year, This has enabled the government to offload the burden of immigration detention in order to deport them from the United States to Sacramento and bor Costa.

Experts estimate that the White House is likely to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to block California's laws and appeal against it, He violated federal immigration laws and had a chance to win a case.