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written after "software gene technology" sub forum (1)

Posted by bassolino at 2020-04-01

At 13:30-18:00 on April 14, the "strong network forum software gene technology sub forum" was in progress. Thank you for your colleagues in the industry. The meeting lasted four and a half hours. The venue was full of seats, and many colleagues had to stand behind. It was really hard for you.

From the "unified classification and naming of network security threats" based on software genes, the construction of global software gene library, the gene analysis of industrial control security / Internet of things security events, the gene analysis of mobile applications, to the application of data genes and the terminal protection equipment of network genes, the forum speakers have a wide range and novel views, which are beyond the imagination of PR0. S.

From the software gene of binary executable file, mobile application gene (interpretation execution class), data gene to network gene; from software gene library, situation awareness to terminal protection, "gene" perspective and working method have been widely accepted and applied by enterprises and institutions, PR0. S is very pleased.

The panel session is the one with the highest level of questions and answers in so many meetings I have attended. Problems from enterprises, academia, and even media reporters involve theoretical research, technology universality, industrial promotion, user benefit, acceptance and many other multi-level issues. It can be seen that "gene" work is deeply concerned.

In response to your invitation, from the beginning of this issue, we will continue to share your speakers' notes. Please pay attention.