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slotsky "rabbit" case: the state duma released a blacklist of media that announced the boycott

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-31

After some media refused to work in the State Duma or restricted coverage of its activities due to cases of sexual harassment of female journalists, A special list appeared at the main entrance announcing publications that Duma had boycotted. Now all journalists' accreditation cards are checked against the list. A multi page list includes journalists, such as the BBC. Speaker Viacheslav wolodin commented on the situation.

After the Duma committee meeting, Volodin replied to a question about the list of journalists ordered by the Federal Radio organization not to be allowed to enter the State Duma, saying: "the State Duma is the most open place of all political organs, 11001 people were assigned to work here, and cooperation with the press was carried out in accordance with the regulations on the accreditation of journalists.

All journalists stationed in the State Duma will continue to work here. Those who are not recognized clearly do not have such an opportunity.

If the media withdraws its reporter's interview card, it will also cancel the reporter's interview card according to the provisions on the interview card.

The list of journalists working in the State Duma can be adjusted in two ways: the State Duma, when it has cancelled accreditation, This is about some foreign media)( Who sent who to work or not in the State Duma in principle?

For example, from the echo of Moscow, we don't have journalists stationed in the State Duma, although we are open to the media and watch TV. RTVI has not yet been recognized as a journalist. If the media that had worked in the State Duma had issued a statement on the opinions of journalists, of course, the list of appointed journalists would be adjusted.

The speaker of the State Duma said that due to the decision of some media editorial departments, access is not allowed

In retrospect, рбк, « Moscow echo » and znak announced the recall of all journalists and the State Duma after yesterday's decision by the Duma ethics committee.

"Moscow said" radio station decided to mention Leonidas slotsky's name and the harassment of remake. From now on, the Republic will be accompanied by all the words mentioned by the State Duma as "the state authority of the Russian Federation, defending sexual harassment".

"Business people", law. Ru and "tape" will no longer use Slutsky as a newskar (the latter will delete all materials unrelated to the sex scandal). Cooperation with Duma has disrupted RTVI as long as slotsky continues to chair the international policy committee.

Photo: Leonid slotsky, facebook.com

Barville Gusev, President of the Moscow Press Association, called the resignation of journalists from Duma a a "wrong decision": he believed, on the contrary, Now we need to pay more attention to the work of the house of Commons, otherwise members will work with a "more power oriented" attitude.

It is worth mentioning that Catherine kotricadze, deputy editor in chief of RTVI, Farid rustamov, BBC correspondent, and Darya Juk, a female employee of "rain", have publicly reported their harassment of Leonid Slutsky. Yesterday, Daria and Farid attended a closed meeting of the ethics committee.

Later, the minutes were leaked to the media.

Slotsky's sexual harassment details were rejected by committee members. Her head, otari alshaba, said: "in my opinion, it's unnecessary to ask that he walked on the right, or kissed or never kissed the left cheek."

Farid rustamova, however, She introduced members of Parliament to a copy of the recording of her conversation with Sluckij (she would like to hear from him comments on Marina Lepan's visit to Russia. Later, Senator Irina rodrigna left the meeting saying there was only one printed copy, so there was no chance to have a look.

Before that, the air force released a declassified message: slotsky called Russia "rabbit". He said: "you are avoiding me and don't want to kiss me. I am very angry with you."

When rustamova began to talk about her youth, Slutsky said, "well, you'll be his wife, and my love." Then, according to rustamova, Slutsky began to stroke her forehead. Further dialogue confirmed that the reporter's words were true

Especially at the meeting of the ethics committee, councillor rais carmazina made angry comments on the alleged girl in the name of "drama".

Irina rodronin also made a statement, arguing that slotsky's actions may have been caused by the "entanglement" of Farida rustamova.

"It's our job, I'm sorry," rustamova replied.

"I don't think it's a job," Rodney continued. I've been dating journalists a long time ago Of course, there are various forms. I don't think it's a job. It's an act.

The woman reporter was released, called Slutsky. The details of the committee's conversation with him remain unclear - otari alshaba also explained that the Slutsky allegations were related to the invitation of foreign observers to the presidential election. This is obviously to stop.

The congressman spent about 10 minutes in it. As a result, his actions were not condemned and "no misconduct was found".

Speaking to the press, Leonid slotsky was pleased to say that he had a grandson and added: "a man, whose family is his closest friend, is destined to succeed." He asked the reporter directly. He didn't answer slotsky.

"This decision leaves your daughter and grandson unprotected," the reporters told the head of the Al ShaBel ethics committee.

"I will protect them."

"No reporters? the United Nations


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