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2015 global network security market major m & a summary

Posted by verstraete at 2020-03-30

The global network security market has gradually entered a new stage of integration after experiencing a surge in Entrepreneurship and a record total amount of venture capital. Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and other large enterprises have promoted the wave of merger / acquisition in the industry. Here are 14 major merger / acquisition cases in the security market in 2015, in the form of acquisition company (acquired company) - the time when the acquisition is announced / about to be acquired.

1. Ciphercloud (anicut systems) - March 2015

Cipher cloud is a cloud security enterprise, expanding its product platform by acquiring the core technology of anicut system, an adaptive security manufacturer.

At the beginning, cipher cloud provides retrieval encryption service, advanced token and data leakage prevention to solve the security problems of sensitive data on the cloud. After the acquisition, cipher cloud will deliver a comprehensive cloud security platform for users, strengthen the ability of inventory, data protection and monitoring platform, help users resist the rapidly changing threat situation and protect sensitive information on the cloud. Let customers rest assured on the cloud. Users can use machine learning technology to detect high-risk user behaviors in cloud services, such as fishing and water pit type advanced attacks.

2. SingTel (trustwave) - April 2015

SingTel is short for Singapore Telecommunications Limited, and trustwave is an information security company in Chicago.

The acquisition helps SingTel join the leading security technology and hosting service platform of trustwave industry based on its powerful information and communication solutions, create first-class end-to-end ICT (information and communication technology) products / services, and consolidate SingTel's leading position in the hosting service market. The latter can also leverage SingTel's resources and reputation to enhance the confidence of global users to adopt trustwave's cloud solutions. The acquisition amount is US $810 million.

3. Synopsys (codenomicon) - April 2015

Codenomicon, a Finnish software security company, focuses on chip / device software, with a customer base covering communications, finance, manufacturing, software development, healthcare, automotive and government agencies.

Its products and technologies help to expand the coverage of Synopsys in the field of software security market, improve the quality of Synopsys products and the ability of security platform, enable software developers to quickly discover and repair security vulnerabilities, protect applications from network attacks, and ensure the integrity, privacy and security of enterprise core software applications.

4. AVG technologies (privax) - may 2015

AVG is a Dutch network security company with more than 200 million monthly active users; privax in the UK is the world's leading provider of desktop and mobile privacy services, with more than 250000 paid VPN users.

After the acquisition, AVG will add one key privacy solution HMA! Pro VPN of privax to its own security software products and services, and open it to global customers. The acquisition will further strengthen AVG's mobile security product services. The acquisition amounted to $60 million.

(but in July, AVG was acquired by rival avast for $1.3 billion.)

5. F-Secure (nsense) - June 2015

Nsense is a Danish enterprise oriented network security enterprise, recognized as the industry leader in northern Europe.

Nsense's network security products and services help F-Secure cover new industry segments and meet the needs of enterprise attack detection and defense. Kungfu F-Secure's industry position and the integration of experts from both sides are also conducive to the company's development of new network security products.

6. Cisco (OpenDNS) - July 2015

The advanced threat prevention service provided by OpenDNS can strengthen Cisco's current cloud security product line. The SaaS platform of OpenDNS is easy to deploy and installed, which can save users a lot of time when integrated into the defense architecture or event response mechanism.

7. Splunk (caspida) - July 2015

Caspida is a company that provides behavioral analytics.

Splunk's acquisition of caspida is in line with the company's investment strategy and the development trend of expanding network security products / services. Caspida adds user behavior analysis to the Splunk security product set, improves the ability of the latter to solve the security challenges faced by users (such as advanced threats, internal threats and network fraud), and greatly improves the ability to detect, respond to and eliminate advanced security threats and internal security threats.

8. Blue coat (perspecsys) - July 2015

Perspecys is a leader in enterprise cloud data protection solutions.

After the acquisition, blue coat was able to expand its cloud security product / service category, and at the same time, it strengthened its product set applicable to hybrid cloud, becoming the industry leader.

It also enables blue coat to provide the industry's richest CASB capabilities in the security gateway product set, and become the leader of CASB industry. The cooperation between the two sides can deliver better industry solutions, protect the data in user led cloud applications, and greatly improve the security situation of Enterprise Cloud Applications and services.

9. Microsoft (adallom) - September 2015

As a cloud security as a service solution provider, adallom will complement Microsoft's existing office 365, EMS (enterprise mobile portfolio) and recent advanced threat analysis product lines.

The acquisition is one of Microsoft's moves to deliver innovative identity authentication and security capabilities. Adallom, a cloud security vendor, can help users protect key assets in cloud applications. It can list Microsoft's image assets in detail, deliver CASB services, enable customers to see and control application access and data. The purchase price is 320 million US dollars.

10. Fidelis cybersecurity (resolution 1) - September 2015

Resolution 1 security (resolution 1 for short) is a network security solution provider for terminal threat detection and automatic event response.

The comprehensive terminal software platform of resolution 1 can realize real-time detection and analysis, and automatically respond to and repair security events, so that security analysts and operation teams can quickly and effectively discover and eliminate threats on terminal devices.

After the acquisition, fedelis's existing products and services can develop from network-based to terminal based, and become an end-to-end comprehensive manufacturer with advanced threat prevention solutions.

11. Digital guardian (savant protection) - September 2015

Digital guardian, a manufacturer specializing in terminal security platform to prevent data theft, acquired savant protection, a provider of advanced application white list solutions.

After the acquisition, digital guardian can: (1) expand the product application to the terminal security platform; (2) strengthen the application control ability driven by policy with the most flexible terminal and user driven application white list scheme in the industry; (3) strengthen the current pic compliance solution of digital guardian. (4) Protect terminals and servers from advanced persistent attacks, zero day attacks and unknown malware.

12. Dell (EMC) - October 2015

Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC set a new record for Industry M & A.

There are some overlaps between the two in terms of storage, but the development route of Dell's storage product line and EMC's product line are different, which can be complementary. Dell will further strengthen and improve all product lines, and will never give up any users of any product line.

The acquisition brings together a leading supplier of computer storage products and a top manufacturer of servers and personal computers. The aim of the alliance is to deal with emerging cloud based competitors such as Amazon, Microsoft and alphabet, the parent company of Google.

13. Microsoft (secure Islands) - November 2015

Secure islands is an advanced information defense solution provider in Israel, providing data classification, data leakage prevention and other services for global enterprises.

After the acquisition, secure island's technology can strengthen Microsoft azure's rights management services, strengthen data protection capabilities and meet compliance requirements.

(this company was a Microsoft partner before.)

14. Blue coat (elastica) - November 2015

Blue coat acquired the latter for $2.8 million to provide the industry's first complete cloud security solution: integration of CASB and security gateway. After the acquisition, blue coat can provide a global security platform, providing visualization, control measures and data level security in cloud, local and hybrid cloud environments.

Sinomeni is the first self-adaptive security service provider in China. At present, sinomeni has provided a new generation of lightweight and flexible security service system for dozens of well-known Internet enterprises in the fields of Internet finance, e-commerce and enterprise services. Ivy, to protect the security of the enterprise cloud.