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intranet remote tunnel 1.0 release beta

Posted by forbes at 2020-03-29

After a few days of development and debugging, the intranet remote tunnel test version is basically completed, showing a face first.

Function introduction:

Intranet remote desktop control over intranet, faster than team viewer

Advantages: green, free, small and fast


1. For ordinary users, please first open remote desktop and add remote login account.

Open the main program lanremotetunnel.exe, and click the blue text in the software interface to operate directly. Respectively: open remote desktop and add remote management account

After adding an account, you need to tell the other party the password you set. The default is adminlt 123456

1.1 click "apply for remote assistance", the local authorization code will be displayed on the interface, and the number will be told to the other party.

1.2 the other party opens the software, input the digital authorization code provided by you, and click "start connection".

2. If you are a technician, needless to say, this intranet remote control software is similar to TeamViewer, which is implemented by calling Microsoft's remote desktop.

Therefore, the operation fluency after connection is better.

For more details, please refer to "instructions. TXT" in the downloaded package.

Intranet remote tunnel 1.0 download

Update on August 23: some users of Kingsoft poison bully reported virus problems in this software, which has been solved. Kingsoft's feedback is just a false report. Please feel free to use.