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explosion in almvik, malmo: major damage

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-28

by Hans Ostman

Published: 03 September 2019 kl. 23.32Updated: 05 September 2019 kl. 06.37

There was an explosion Tuesday night at an apartment building i n Malmo.

Something detonated. Patrols on the scene describe it as major injuries, says Rickard Lundqvist at the police station.

Earlier in the day, police investigated reports of a shooting at another apartment in the house.

Police received the first alert of a high-impact incident at the Hochgaholm in the Almvik district at 23.12.

There were a number of callers. We've identified a location for the incident. Something has detonated in connection with an apartment on the bottom floor of a multi-apartment building, says Rickard Lundqvist, spokesperson for the Police Regional Management Centre.

He doesn't know if the explosion occurred outside or inside, but he describes the damage as significant.

Let's proceed with caution.

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Several apartments were destroyed during the detonation.

The police report on their website that the courtyard of the house was sealed off.

Pictures from the scene show that an apartment has sustained extensive damage. In addition, several other apartments in the actual property and nearby had the windows destroyed by the pressure wave.

In an update after midnight, police say a person was slightly injured by glass fragments without the need for ambulances.

Bomb squad arrived at the scene.

Homeland Security searched the apartment for more explosive materials. During that work, the police considered evacuating the entire house.

It never happened. The technicians were just finishing up on the spot, said Mikael Lind, the chief of police at the regional police headquarters, just before the hour 04.

Earlier on Tuesday, police were told that another apartment in the house had been shot at.

It's unclear when it was supposed to happen, but we had a case there during the day to investigate it, says Mikael Lind.

That's how the police bomb tech works.

Published: 03 September 2019 kl. 23.32