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mogutt / readme: an open-source enterprise office instant messaging software for mushroom street

Posted by forbes at 2020-03-28

Mushroom street can have today's rapid development, thanks to the background of the rise of open-source software, we have always been grateful for the open-source community, so we always hope to contribute to the open-source community.

In 2013, our mushroom Street turned from community shopping guide to fashion e-commerce platform. To solve the communication problem between millions of girls and fashion sellers, we developed our own instant messaging software. Now that we have the IM users use, why do we need to use a third party for internal communication? So there is the prototype of TT (team talk). Now, the online communication in mushroom street is completed through TT. With the gradual improvement of TT function, we decided to give TT open source back to the open source community. We hope that domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can use open source, free and easy-to-use IM tools!

Although the sparrow has five internal organs, the project involves multiple platforms and languages, and the simple relationship is as follows:


Cppserver: ttcppserver project, including IM message server, HTTP server, file transmission server, file storage server, login server Java DB proxy: ttjavaserver project, which carries the background message storage, redis and other interfaces PHP server: ttphpserver project, teamtalk background configuration page


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