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trend technology mobile client virus report

Posted by verstraete at 2020-03-27

Overview of mobile client security threats in March 2013

This month trend technology mobile client virus code is about 70722. As of March 31, 2013, the virus code of mobile client in China is 1.439.00, with the size of 849661 bytes, and about 490000 viruses can be detected. This month trend technology found about 30000 mobile client viruses.

Top 10 virus families in trend technology mobile client virus code:


The top 10 virus families in the new virus codes of trend technology mobile client in March:


Top 10 advertising software families in trend technology mobile client virus code:

Trend technology mobile client added the top ten advertising software families among virus codes in March:


Hidden dangers in downloading websites of third party applications

Third party app download stations are always so attractive to users, they provide "free" versions of apps without paying.

But weighing the pros and cons, is it really worth putting your mobile device at risk?

In 2012, we found that the number of malicious domain name accounts related to Android applications increased. By the end of 2012, the number of malicious websites had jumped from about 3000 at the beginning of the year to nearly 8000. These malicious websites contain many suspicious. APK installation packages and program installation information. For example, the malware recently disguised as candy crush, a well-known game program, can be used by cyber criminals to control your important information and forcibly push advertisements to mobile phones.

The growth of the number of malicious websites and 350000 new Android high-risk malicious programs in 2012 prove that mobile security threats need to be highly valued.

To deal with mobile security threats, users should improve their own security awareness. In the report the danger of third-party apps sites, we revealed the hidden security risks in the third-party download stations, discussed how the network criminals shifted their attention from simply cheating users to installing malicious programs to forcing users to connect to malicious URLs, and described how mobile devices are controlled by botnet. Today, when smart phones can connect to the Internet, they can easily become part of the botnet and become a tool for criminals to seek benefits.

To learn more about mobile security, visit the mobile thread information hub. At the same time, Trend Micro's Mobile Security Personal Edition provides full security protection for your Android devices.

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