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the starlight moment of the magician kulebiakin. federal tv news: how is this done

Posted by bassolino at 2020-03-27

Picture: Peter saruhanov / Nova

Do you remember the wizard kulebiakin? No, Well, yes, it's the past few days. This exotic character was famous in Liverpool in the 1990s, when the radio was mainly direct, physically on the phone - and anyone could be in the radio studio, Someone patiently fiddled with the cell phone for several hours (at this time, the cell phone can only afford the selected person. In almost every interactive program, I heard kulebergen's voice sooner or later. In particular, it brings an all encompassing Wizard "time" program, where viewers call their problems.

At this time, we were standing in front of Boris Guriev, the former editor in chief and the early dead program "time", waiting for the start of Nemtsov's memorial March. Suddenly, we passed by us and estimated everything on our way, Grandpa with white hair full of white hair is flying in the wind: « let me pass, I kulebergen! "" the United Nations

At this time, people immediately thought how happy it would be if federal television noticed and filmed happiness. This is a vivid example of their traditional "Songs" about "different monsters", gathered under the banner of opposition!

The crew of the country's major television stations did not miss their happiness. "It's hard to imagine what's going to happen no matter who's here or who's here," reporter Jaroslav krasienko told the audience. But some people know why he came.

"I'm Ivan kulebergen, a wizard." in the picture is the same grandfather with white hair. -Today there are only two tasks: the first one is no snow, and the hydrometeorological center promises rain.

The second is because he knew Boris Nemtsov when he was young. I told him to stop drinking. "

"I'm Ivan kulebergen, a wizard. I know Boris Nemtsov, when he was young. " "The names of murdered politicians are rarely mentioned," kurko noted.

What's particularly gratifying is not that the coverage of channel 1 and channel "Russia" is imitated, but that the cramped lens is used on both channels, Filmed by channel reporter Timur olevsky. This is because staff on both national channels are banned from filming and speaking. Kurko and the people around him talked on the Internet, and they sang, "u-ho-di! Whirl! You'll lie! "Well sung, but amiable." The camera lens wasn't turned off by hand, the microphone didn't throw stones from the reporter's hands, let alone shoot with a paper cup, the formidable weapon of the opposition. But kurko was still able to shoot and install the theme "Boris Nemtsov as an excuse: colorful slogans and flags in the center of the capital" in a nine hour show "time".

I have noticed that there are many participants, mainly the most exotic ones. Remove the word from the context. He also made a brief comment on his incident: "the freedom of speech demanded by other activists seems to be what they need, just say them. The opinions of others are shameful. The name of the "freedom" TV channel is not mentioned. Avoid "murder.". Five years have passed since Boris Nemtsov died in an explanation of the show "time.". "Death" is a deadly thing. A man walked on the bridge, slipped, fell... Didn't wake up. It can happen to everyone.

"Saturday news" remembers very clearly that terrible night five years ago, when the man who had broadcast our program more than once and our film Boris Nemtsov were killed. -The story of the leading Sergei brilev march in central Moscow. -There was a march in Moscow, and those who remembered him came to the March. But not only that.

Journalist Jaroslav kraceyanko was not the first to take part in the protests. In the summer, protesters drove him out of Sakharov street. Another thing to be careful of is to "shine" among these people, but not journalist Jaroslav kraceyanko. He went to a place bravely again, everyone can spit at him, but... Don't spit.

Krasienko knew very well, except to shout "shameful!" He is safe. In his and his employer's coordinate system, these screams are like a sign of honor.

However, one day later, the legend changed. On Sunday night, the same activist, according to soloviyov, thought it was not the number of people who took part in the March, but the money, "To help terrorist organizations raise funds", while "Boris yefimovich has never supported terrorist organizations".

Soloviyov himself hurried angrily and angrily: "it is despicable to contemplate after Nemtsov's death. There was no mourning for the memorial March. The opposition used only Nemtsov's name, and on Memorial Day only 78 people came to his grave. Soloviyov did not specify who accurately counted the people in the cemetery. He did not interrupt mikheiv, the malicious political scientist, who accused Nemtsov of stealing and plundering the country. "Is he alone? "You don't let people talk." I'll kick you out, you'll be shot by a team of the National Security Council) kidding! -i.p..

All of his guests stepped on the evil March and bloodthirsty opposition, "needing blood and sacrifice," soloviyov's last game, "personal:

"I know Boris. I and his friends for many years. I'm very close to him. I regret that he has joined such an opposition in recent years.

Over there. It turned out to be a friend. Almost like a witch doctor. But even if it is good to be from kulebiakin: the clouds are gone, and the snow is falling. All the members of the procession left. Later, other "friends" programs were broadcast on federal television. It's their job.