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v5shop catering version and milk tea version of the small program to upgrade again!

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-25

This year's college entrance examination is on the Dragon Boat Festival. I wish all the students can achieve their ideal results in the college entrance examination, and get high "zongzi" in one fell swoop and enter the university they are looking forward to!

Ø if the "publish" button is displayed after the activity, it means that the activity is currently in a stopped state. Click the "publish" button, the activity will become a published state. At the same time, if other activities are in a published state, other activities will be stopped. That is to say, only one activity is in "publish" status at the same time

Ø if the "stop" button is displayed after the activity, it means that the activity is currently in the published state. Click the "stop" button, the activity will become the stopped state,

When the customer confirms that the order page switches to "self delivery" or "take out", due to the short processing time required by the system, if the customer operates too fast, it may not be completely switched, the customer will click the button in the lower right corner to enter the settlement page.

Before that, when the customer purchases successfully and shares it with his / her friends, he / she will get a red packet, which will arrive at the account immediately. Now it is modified to require his / her friends to click to get the red packet.

As long as you forward, you will get a random red packet with random amount, which can be used as cash when ordering meals. As long as you forward it, you can have a big meal. In this opportunity, customers are definitely willing to participate. Now we will add such an activity.

In the "sharing red packets" activity in the previous section, customers can get a random red packet after sharing. On this basis, we also added the activity of "share and purchase red packets", that is, as long as the friends who share the order are successful, the sharers can get another red packet, and the more friends who place the order, the more red packets they get, which can greatly stimulate the consumption desire.

Some businesses may have questions about whether the restaurant will lose money in this way. In fact, this is a profit making strategy. When creating activities, businesses should also consider the following parameters



Before that, if businesses want to create or maintain group activities, they can only operate through the computer. For businesses that don't have computers in their stores, it's really troublesome. Now we have also added group activities in mobile app.