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coronavirus: gel made by a closed school pharmacist new measures of the government

Posted by patinella at 2020-03-23

As the new coronavirus continues to spread in France, the government has announced a series of meaningless measures aimed at curbing its spread.

A.M.&124;published 6/03/2020

More and more measures. The new coronavirus has affected 613 people in France, with 190 new cases on Friday, and the government has announced measures to slow the spread of the virus in France. In addition, Olivier Veran, Minister of health, announced the start of the first phase of the white paper on hospitals and clinics, as well as the blue book on environmental health.

Page: 1 Closed nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, junior and high schools in Vaz and Upper Rhine

Page: 1 Detection of serious victims in polluted areas

"From now on, only patients with severe clinical conditions can continue to be tested," said Olivier Veran, Minister of health. "We have to adjust the response mechanism in areas where the virus is already very active.". "... therefore, we provide an opportunity for the Somali people's Liberation Army to lift its system inspection obligations when they are too numerous in a territory. Testing of residents of symptomatic medical and social institutions will continue. "

Page: 1 Pharmacies can make their own liquid alcohol gel

While the French were shouting about alcohol gels in the water, the Minister of health signed a law allowing pharmacies to produce their own. "Representatives of the Department told us that they could produce up to 2 million doses per day," the minister said, noting that price controls had begun.