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nissan, new jersey, lux

Posted by patinella at 2020-03-23

Nissan lux Gallery presentation

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.introduces the new car "lux" from the Nissan global headquarters Gallery during the temporary holiday to the Internet's official channel. The start is from 1:50 on March

The Nissan global headquarters gallery is closed for the period from March 3 to 15 to prevent the expansion of the new corona virus.

Deep purple - Highway Star

Lux was launched on March 19 with a new high light car of super height wagon, with a price of 1145700 to 206900. In the presentation by Miss fair lady, the charm of Luxe is introduced along the exhibition in the actual life scene such as "shopping mall", "camp", "Park" and "rotary of the station".

Lux Highway Star (left) and lux (right)