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learn by case study. branding for "effective" article advertising

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-23

In the media that the reader has the information of "use" in the usual life and the business, the article advertisement that the media has been able to appeal to the charm of the company service in the talk that the media has cultivated is a communication method that is high in the acceptance of the message, and the information quantity is also high. As a result, not only is it actually connected to the introduction of the service, and it leads to the purchase of goods, "branding effect" in the article advertisement is one of the charm.

In addition to the creation of a new brand that is not related to the author's interest in the performance of the daily article, which is closely related to the interest and interest of the reader, it is possible to discover the attractiveness of the new brand in addition to the user interview .

In general, the result of the article advertisement is often measured by the number of PV, but to judge whether or not this branding effect is made, the CTR in the article, that is, the action data of the person who reads the article transitions to the page of the previous, and tried to obtain more detailed information . In fact, it is said that it is 1% to 3% in this article in the CTR in the article, and the result is divided into 10% to 20% in the article advertisement.

The number of PV is basically "title & amp; thumbnail" performance, and it is easy to extract the target level by the editor who holds the reader's worth. On the other hand, the original purpose of writing an article ad is "new contextual creation for selling the brand", so the evaluation of the article advertisement should be placed on the main axis of the article, which is the performance of this text.

This time, I introduce three ways of realizing branding in the article advertisement through the article advertisement case of "WebX" which is a homepage production tool that recorded the 20% CTR in the recent article in ferret.

How to use the persuasion of casting

Reading case articles

The type of interview is a technique that is often seen in an article advertisement, but is it important to tell "who" is important before "what is"? In the case of the Wix article advertisement, it takes the form that the home page of SKC hood, Mr. Daisuke Hayashi, who runs "farers' jukei Tokyo" is started, and the home page is started after the startup of the business.

The fact that Mr. Hayashi himself made a homepage is not enough to convey the "simplicity" of the Wix, because it is transmitted to the reader even if it does not explain that the person who made the business of oneself himself is very busy.

Method 2: pick up a word of "jugama"

Reading case articles

Epoch-making services and products such as cleaning robots and smart phones are characterized by the fact that once you start using it, you can't return to life without it. However, considering the reason why "life without this can be imagined", most of them were not supposed before purchase.

Another way to increase the persuasion of the interview is to deliver the "voice of reality" of the effect and the benefit that only the experienced person understands to the reader who is a customer. Users use their own ways to adapt themselves to their daily life.

The word "feeling" that is spun out from such a thick experience dwells Chikara that moves the reader. In the example of Wix, the word "manipulating the point of power" is a word which gives vivid a vivid feature of "easy to use" than any explanation.

How to: tightly tighten with tag lines

Reading case articles

The most important thing in the article advertisement is the paragraph of "tightening". By combining all the contexts until then to the value of the service and the brand, it leads to the concrete reader action for the first time. What is valid here is to put the line = tag line that aggregates the value in the closing paragraph.

In the case of weix, it is a word "the age of using web tools like stationery". So far, it is natural to borrow a server, remember a simple program or design tool, and take a certain initial investment (= hour) to "the acquisition of the tool itself".

In addition, the time to remember the tool is changed to the creative time to think about the user communication as it is, and it is drawn in the article to the bright vision that it is possible to taste "marketer original feeling". It is possible to connect to branding including the experience value that is not merely a function appeal, and it can be drawn.

Articles to read

The ultimate native Adventure

"Article advertisement" spoken to the reader by "the talk by the editorial department". I will introduce three points to hit the advertisement.

Encounter encounter, surely. "Job hunting new method" attracting the leading marketer who is active in another company

The acquisition of excellent marketers is a prerequisite for growing business. "Job ferret", which is able to maximize the possibility of meeting speedy and anticipated talents by simultaneously approaching a wide range of marketers who have a great sense of fulfillment and are active in the field, as well as some of the "changing positions".

A writer who wrote this article

Following the account Planner at the basic ferret editorial office / writer major advertising agency, I experienced 120 tie up advertisements centering on the national client in the mega venture woman media. We have developed a writing method that makes the average echo count five times as large as the "copy copy idea" and "editing eye".