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pay attention to the credit card disaster

Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-22

When it comes to the peak of credit card consumption, more and more "high-end" credit card schemes are used by lawbreakers recently. How to prevent them? Let's see the expert's advice——

Pay attention to the benefits of online shopping

Online shopping has become the absolute mainstream of consumption nowadays, and there are endless cases of credit card fraud against handchoppers, especially with the help of big online shopping promotions such as double 11 and double 12, false product links, fake customer service messages and even attractive discounts, as well as the fabrication of lies such as order invalidity and lack of goods, which will become the opportunity for lawbreakers to take advantage of the situation and use blind tricks Take the buyer's credit card information, so as to carry out theft.

Experts suggest that consumers should pay more attention to the abnormal situation in the process of online shopping. They should not trust the excuse of abnormal transaction, unfreezing order or system failure. The SMS and email sent by the other party are likely to be greasy. Especially in the case of refund and return, this kind of "retreat for progress" trick is particularly easy to let people relax their vigilance. Consumers must recognize the refund information pushed by the official e-commerce website and official app, and not be hoodwinked by false information.

Pay attention to overseas card swiping

Nowadays, traveling abroad has become the first choice for many Chinese people. They want to see the world one after another, but there are many cases of overseas credit card theft and swiping. Due to the fact that there is no need to enter a password for foreign card swiping, the stolen credit card can be operated very well. In addition, when going out, the cardholder is unfamiliar with the local environment, and there are obstacles in language communication. Once the stolen credit card swipes, it is easy to mess up.

Experts suggest that cardholders should always pay attention to the cards around them when swiping their cards abroad. If they encounter "sudden" situations such as POS machine being replaced or damaged during the transaction, they should also remember to keep the cards away from the line of sight and prevent the cards from being recorded or transferred.

Like credit card

In this era of Internet where people chat wechat and brush their friends' circles, the change of social habits is also being used by lawbreakers. Previously, there was a media report that the message "like for help" had been activated by the owner of the mobile phone because of the hidden Trojan virus. As a result, the mobile phone was "muted", the funds in the bank card were stolen, and the address book in the mobile phone was "black", and even the message "like for help" was automatically sent to the contact in the address book to continue the "phishing fraud" Deceive ".

Similarly, there are also likes and gifts, forwarding votes, network popularity evaluation, sending red packets and so on in the circle of friends. Once you click the corresponding link, you may activate the Trojan virus, or even directly control the mobile phone. Therefore, we should distinguish right from wrong when we help our friends and talk about righteousness. It's better to be careful when we forward friends' praise. Usually, when receiving the invitation to like and swipe tickets, it's better to confirm its security with friends first to prevent property loss.

At the same time, experts remind cardholders that if mobile phones and tablets are attacked by viruses, they must contact the bank customer service as soon as possible, modify the associated bank card password or take the stop card operation, including all kinds of social and payment software installed on the mobile terminal, which should also be protected.

Think twice before you catch up

In October last year, a netizen broke news on the microblog platform, because he signed up for a popular marathon online and paid for it, resulting in information leakage, resulting in hundreds of dollars of stolen credit cards. This also reflects the current card security problems commonly exist in the new law - rub hot spots. These swindles are aimed at swindlers. Because of the clever timing, many cardholders will relax their vigilance to the traps they have planted in advance.

Experts said that consumers "catch up with the hot spot" is not wrong, but the relevant operation process involving payment must be carefully confirmed. No matter the SMS received or the prompt message popped up by the mobile client, if the payment information is involved, the cardholder should confirm with the corresponding official channel before operation.

Report the loss in time and call the police quickly

First, notify the bank and report the loss. The cardholder shall immediately call the customer service telephone of the bank to inform the account of abnormal changes, report the loss, and operate according to the guidance of customer service personnel. The cardholder shall also ask the bank about the method, time, place, account information of the other party to the transaction and the location of the nearest ATM. The cardholder can record the number of customer service personnel when necessary, so as to verify the situation in the future litigation.

Second, alarm processing. After notifying the bank, the cardholder shall call 110 in time to inform the Bank of the amount, method, time, place and the account information of the other party of the transaction. The cardholder shall also, according to the requirements of the public security organ, print the account details at the bank, carry the bank card and ID card and wait for the public security organ to handle the alarm procedures.

Third, ATM operation. The cardholder shall quickly operate the bank card at the ATM nearby. As the loss has been reported previously, the ATM will swallow the card and the cardholder shall keep the voucher. The purpose of this action is to prove that both the card owner and the bank card are not at the scene of stealing, and to prove that the bank card was forged and stolen by others. The judge of Beijing No.2 Middle Court stressed that in the case of counterfeit card swiping, it is one of the effective ways to prove the behavior of counterfeit card swiping to operate the real card through ATM in time after the occurrence of the swiping. After the bank card has been swallowed, the cardholder shall go through the procedures of taking the card at the bank in time, so as to carry the bank card to the public security organ for reporting the case.

It's the peak of credit card consumption again. In addition to the above aspects, the credit card center of Bank of communications also reminds consumers to download the bank's official app in time, pay attention to the official wechat, and master the card transaction information in real time through online channels. At the same time, it can also flexibly use value-added services such as outbound reporting, loss of card, stolen card guarantee, etc. to protect the credit card We should consolidate our strength and pay attention to credit card consumption.

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