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[decent film introduction] encore / fercyfris, now that's good, feminist creation challenge

Posted by bassolino at 2020-03-22

Introduction to the 20th Jeju women's Film Festival

2019. 9. 3. 18:30

The new column of the 20th Jeju women's Film Festival! Movie introduction

Decent: 1. No flaws in character or appearance, OK. 2. With the conditions to retire from the army, full 3. Constant change (slogan for the 20th anniversary of Jeju women's Film Festival)

Encore, a special exhibition for the 20th anniversary, was very distressed to watch the women's films again and strictly selected three works.

[fairce Frith] malsatrabi, bassanian node / France / 96 minutes / number of viewers over 12 years old / works in 2007

Persepolis is an autobiographical graffiti animation directed by Mayan satrafi. After a childhood in Iran's Islamic revolution, the sexual specialty of Marsanne (kyala Fallo), who moved to Europe after twists and turns, is contained in a unique "frame". The film tells a modern film that has reached stability. The protagonist of Zai is not the memory of perfume for others, but the memory of the disappearance of malsen after smoking with uneasiness and lack. He confirms that his parents and grandma are unable to fulfill their daughter's identity in a more unequal and closed society. In order to change her daughter, she sent her away. "Don't come back." because the cup of Mull, which missed coming to the airport, couldn't buy a ticket to Tehran, lit a cigarette in the waiting room. At the same time, the color lyrics also appeared in the picture. If the end of the shading comes back to the present again, we will continue to watch it in the airport of Marjan Paris. I speculate that this day may not be the first.

[now it's very good] Chi Zhiying / South Korea / 90 minutes / over 15 years old watch songs / 22008 works

Now, is that all right? This is a TV play where two sisters go to find their father. Mingzhu, the elder sister, chooses a man who loves more than her own children, and MingEn, the younger brother, chooses to abandon the man who left his own children. The pearl that lives by relying on "family", though travel is a sad memory, For Minn, who has been avoiding the "family" life, the journey is a revenge for the terrible billion won. Although based on his family, the situation is very good now. Yiwen is a little different. "Anyway, we are not a family? ”The two sisters are still "on the road" when they grow up. Because of the "lack" of the father's name, MingEn is an illegitimate child who does not know his father's appearance. Mingzhu is an unmarried mother who raises a daughter without a father. At the end of the movie, We will ask the question, "lack" is not the existence, but the generation or injection. It feels like the transformation of long legged uncle now, so good inversion or real meaning is understood.

[the challenge of feminist creation] by livberry / Sweden / 99 points / 2015

In 2005, in order to challenge the patriarchal system and re-establish the inclined political structure, Swedish feminists gathered in the party building of feminist parties. This is a documentary following this political experiment. Of course, the party building and politics are not smooth. Financial instability and inadequate manpower, With the discussion going on, the opinions among the members are becoming more and more acute, and the internal contradictions are becoming more and more acute. The "multi voice resonance" of feminism is the great power and the biggest difficulty of the UnionPay party fi. So, as a mass party, how far can fi go? Moreover, on which line, the question system of compromise with the public / politics will also appear

[now it's very good] after the release, we will have a dialogue with the director of Chi Cheng. After the release, we will have a special conversation with Gao Enying and Jin Shangai!

"Introduction to 20th Jeju women's Film Festival / released works"