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Posted by verstraete at 2020-03-22

DOI is the abbreviation of the digital object I identifier, which is the unique identifier of the object on the network. It can be used to permanently link and reference the target object.

All references with DOI should quote DOI at the same time. If the reference format of DOI other than APA and Chicago is used, the DOI permanent link can be referenced.

DOI can enhance citation accuracy, enhance academic circle connection, and provide users with good cross platform experience. At present, more than 50 million objects have applied for DOI in the world. To learn more about the use and concept of DOI, please refer to the DOI registration center of Huayi (DOI. Airiti. Com).

Impact factor: the average number of citations of papers produced in the first two years of a journal in a statistical year. Formula: (number of citations of papers published in the first two years in the statistical year) ÷ (total number of papers produced in the first two years) for example, the influence coefficient in 2010 (presented in 2011) Journal a produced 15 papers in 2009, journal a produced 20 papers in 2009, journal a produced 16 papers in 2008, and journal a produced 30 papers in 2009 Influence coefficient in 2010 = (20 + 30) ÷ (15 + 16) ≈ 1.61

Please use the online publication date and DOI number of the pre published article to quote this document.

Examples of citations (depending on different citation format specifications):

Doi:DOI number

Articles belonging to cjtd mainland China journal database can only be downloaded within the IP scope of the school or institution.

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