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800000 users of the famous pornographic website brazzers were leaked

Posted by verstraete at 2020-03-21

Today, I heard that a pornographic website was hacked and 800000 users' information was leaked. Scared, Xiaobian checks it quickly and finds that it's not 1024. It's Brazzers who is black. It's a false alarm.

Brazzers was founded in 2005. Its service content is to provide HD HD pornographic movies for users. In 2013, Fabian thylmann acquired Brazzers. It can be said that Brazzers has transformed the porn industry from community level to enterprise level in the past ten years. However, recently, foreign media revealed that the forum of Brazzers was attacked by hackers, and 800000 users' information was leaked, including users' mailbox, clear text password, user name and other private information.

Some users pointed out that there are other reasons why they signed up for the Brazzers account, not to watch pornographic movies, but the leak may affect their real life. Maybe some readers have a skeptical attitude. Why do you register for pornographic websites instead of watching pornographic movies?

For a very practical example, the author has also done some dating app security testing. In the process of testing, I naturally need to register an account, but this doesn't mean that I need to use this app for dating. Maybe there are other reasons for registering the website. Other users pointed out that they had never logged into the forum, but the leaked data of the forum contained their personal information.

A spokesman for Brazzers said: "the data leaked by the Brazzers forum was in 2012, and at that time, the forum had been handed over to a third party for management and operation. The reason for the vulnerability is that vBulletin, a web program, is not the Brazzers themselves. "But even if the spokesman can't" shake the pot ", it's a fact that the information of Brazzers users has been leaked.

*Compiled by: Arthur killer, compiled by: vice, reprinted from freebuf.com