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Posted by bassolino at 2020-03-20

Apache accumulo Apache Accumulo Apache NIFI Automates the flow of data between systems. NiFi implements concepts of Flow-Based Programming and solves common data flow problems faced by enterprises. AppLocker-Guidance Configuration guidance for implementing application whitelisting with AppLocker. #nsacyber AtomicWatch Intel Atom C2000 series discovery tool that parses log files and returns results if a positive match is found. #nsacyber BAM The Binary Analysis Metadata tool gathers information about Windows binaries to aid in their analysis. #nsacyber beer-garden The beer-garden application BitLocker-Guidance Configuration guidance for implementing BitLocker. #nsacyber Blocking-Outdated-Web-Technologies Guidance for blocking outdated web technologies. #nsacyber Certificate-Authority-Situational-Awareness Identifies unexpected and prohibited certificate authority certificates on Windows systems. #nsacyber CodeGov Creates a code.gov code inventory JSON file based on GitHub repository information. #nsacyber Control-Flow-Integrity A proposed hardware-based method for stopping known memory corruption exploitation techniques. #nsacyber Cyber-Challenge Supporting files for cyber challenge exercises. #nsacyber datawave DataWave is an ingest/query framework that leverages Apache Accumulo to provide fast, secure data access. datawave-muchos This project leverages Ansible to automate DataWave deployments on your cluster DCP Digest, stat, and copy files from one location to another in the same read pass Detect-CVE-2017-15361-TPM Detects Windows and Linux systems with enabled Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) vulnerable to CVE-2017-15361. #nsacyber Driver-Collider Blocks drivers from loading by using a name collision technique. #nsacyber emissary Distributed P2P Data-driven Workflow Framework enigma-simulator An educational demonstration of breaking the Enigma machine Event-Forwarding-Guidance Configuration guidance for implementing collection of security relevant Windows Event Log events by using Windows Event Forwarding. #nsacyber femto Sequence Indexing and Search fractalrabbit Simulate realistic trajectory data seen through sporadic reporting ghidra Ghidra is a software reverse engineering (SRE) framework ghidra-data Supporting Data Archives for Ghidra goSecure An easy to use and portable Virtual Private Network (VPN) system built with Linux and a Raspberry Pi. #nsacyber GRASSMARLIN Provides situational awareness of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks in support of network security assessments. #nsacyber Hardware-and-Firmware-Security-Guidance Guidance for the Spectre, Meltdown, Speculative Store Bypass, Rogue System Register Read, Lazy FP State Restore, Bounds Check Bypass Store, TLBleed, and L1TF/Foreshadow vulnerabilities as well as general hardware and firmware security guidance. #nsacyber HIRS Trusted Computing based services supporting TPM provisioning and supply chain validation concepts. #nsacyber HTTP-Connectivity-Tester Aids in discovering HTTP and HTTPS connectivity issues. #nsacyber lemongraph Log-based transactional graph engine lemongrenade Data-driven automation platform LOCKLEVEL A prototype that demonstrates a method for scoring how well Windows systems have implemented some of the top 10 Information Assurance mitigation strategies. #nsacyber Maplesyrup Assesses CPU security of embedded devices. #nsacyber NB Gallery nbgallery is a user-friendly Jupyter notebook sharing and collaboration platform. netfil A kernel network manager with monitoring and limiting capabilities for macOS. #nsacyber netman A userland network manager with monitoring and limiting capabilities for macOS. #nsacyber Open Network Operations Platform Radically simplifies the operation of enterprise networks with SDN applications that reside on top of an OpenFlow-capable network controller. OpenAttestation Software Development Kit to enable remotely retrieval and verify target platforms integrity owf-framework OZONE Widget Framework paccor The Platform Attribute Certificate Creator can gather component details, create, sign, and validate the TCG-defined Platform Credential. #nsacyber Pass-the-Hash-Guidance Configuration guidance for implementing Pass-the-Hash mitigations. #nsacyber PRUNE Logs key Windows process performance metrics. #nsacyber qgis-bulk-nominatim Provides bulk nominatim geocoding for QGIS qgis-d3datavis-plugin QGIS D3 Date and Time Heatmap qgis-kmltools-plugin Fast KML Importer Plugin for QGIS qgis-latlontools-plugin QGIS tools to capture and zoom to coordinates using decimal, DMS, WKT, GeoJSON, MGRS, UTM, and Plus Codes notation. Provides external map support, MGRS & Plus Codes conversion and point digitizing tools. qgis-searchlayers-plugin Enhanced textual vector layer searching in QGIS. qgis-shapetools-plugin

Shape Tools creates geodesic shapes and includes a number of geodesic tools for QGIS including the XY to Line tool, geodesic densify tool, geodesic line break, geodesic measure tool, geodesic measurement layer, geodesic scale, rotate and translate tool, and digitize points at an azimuth & distance tools. qonduit A WebSocket library for use with Apache Accumulo RandPassGenerator A command-line utility for generating random passwords, passphrases, and raw keys. #nsacyber RedhawkSDR A software-defined radio (SDR) framework designed to support the development, deployment, and management of real-time software radio applications. Scap Security Guide (SSG) Security compliance content in SCAP, Bash, Ansible, and other formats SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS FOR ANDROID (SEANDROID) Confines privileged processes based on security policies by enforcing mandatory access control over all Android processes. SE for Android has been part of Android since Android 4.3. SECURITY-ENHANCED LINUX (SELINUX) A mandatory access control mechanism in the Linux kernel that checks for allowed operations after standard discretionary access controls are checked. It can enforce rules on files and processes in a Linux system, and on the actions they perform, based on defined policies. SELinux has been part of the Linux kernel since version 2.6.0. serial2pcap Converts serial IP data, typically collected from Industrial Control System devices, to the more commonly used Packet Capture (PCAP) format. #nsacyber simon-speck The SIMON and SPECK families of lightweight block ciphers. #nsacyber simon-speck-supercop Fast implementations of the SIMON and SPECK lightweight block ciphers for the SUPERCOP benchmark toolkit. #nsacyber SIMP A system automation and configuration management stack targeted toward operational flexibility and policy compliance. Splunk-Assessment-of-Mitigation-Implementations Automatically scores how well Windows systems have implemented some of the top 10 Information Assurance mitigation strategies. #nsacyber timely Accumulo backed time series database unfetter The main project for the Unfetter-Discover application. This is the project that will hold the configuration files, the docker-compose files, issue tracking, and documentation WALKOFF A flexible, easy to use, automation framework allowing users to integrate their capabilities and devices to cut through the repetitive, tedious tasks slowing them down. #nsacyber WALKOFF-Apps WALKOFF-enabled applications. #nsacyber waterslide WaterSlide is a streaming event-at-a-time architecture for processing metadata. It is designed to take in a set of streaming events from multiple sources, process them through a set of modules ("kids"), and return meaningful outputs. Windows-Event-Log-Messages Retrieves the definitions of Windows Event Log messages embedded in Windows binaries and provides them in discoverable formats. #nsacyber Windows-Secure-Host-Baseline Configuration guidance for implementing the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 DoD Secure Host Baseline settings. #nsacyber