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data solutions, merging... into a data professional

Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-18

The open company, which is mainly engaged in big data platform and amorphous data construction projects, announced that it will merge data solutions on July 1. The two companies decided their mission by merging and boasting data professionals and "data solutions".

According to relevant people, the purpose of the merger is to maximize the accumulated strength of both parties during this period in the fields of big data, IOT, machine learning, in-depth learning and artificial intelligence while expanding business efficiency and adapting to the changing market requirements, and look forward to the maximum cooperation effect.

In the business of SW development and system integration, in addition to the emerging public service business, the open SM company continues to conduct research in the field of IOT services and big data analysis, and launched the big data analysis platform "bigstation" in December.

Since the establishment of data solution in 1990, it has provided SPSS software that customers all over the world like to the domestic market for 25 years, playing a leading role in the fields of statistical model development, data mining, CRM analysis and big data analysis, and recently in the fields of deep learning and machine learning consulting.

"It's not only big data, but also IOT, machine learning and deep learning that are stepping up research," said Pei Futai, a representative director of the merged legal person, The field of artificial intelligence will also strive to create the business value of customers and become a data professional enterprise leading the domestic IT industry. "

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