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most deep sea animals are adult content

Posted by herskovits at 2020-03-16

According to a recent study by deetrace, 96% of shared deep sea animals online will be used for pornography. If the number can smile, the reality is a little different.

Remember, a deep-sea movie is a fictional video in which you can insert a person's face into a body that doesn't belong to him or change his speech. Of course, this technology does not escape the constraints of Internet rules, that is, any content on the Internet has the right to its pornographic opposite. Over the years, some actresses' faces have appeared on actress x's.

Content and politics facing adults in depth

However, the main reason for the problem of adult depth is that it is mainly "pornography without consent". In most cases, women's faces are used for these fake content, which allows the region to resell a whole new type of pornography based on false images. Remember that resale of pork is the act of disseminating intimate photos or videos without my consent.

In short, some deep-sea animal followers are happy to make all the clips of pornographic videos that show the faces of women who have never been affected by such content. Of course, they didn't agree to make these fake images. In the past seven months, deeptrace has discovered more than 15000 such videos and recorded more than 100 million videos.

In addition to these deep-seated pornography, cybersecurity companies point out that many of them also involve political videos. If the problems raised are different from those caused by the false images of adults, this may have a great impact on social networks, because in social networks, traditional fax news is still difficult to be eliminated by the platform.