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power is angry with mercedes amg gt r again

Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-15

Instead of pushing v8.4.0 biturbo from 585800850 nm to stage 4, the producers pushed it to stage 4 ("the stage that Ibiza TDI's owner dreams of achieving"). G-Power uses a high-speed fuel pump, a forged piston (still happy, 800g, new turbine and an integral air inlet). There is not a download path and a dedicated line left in the exhaust pipe. Transmission has also been reviewed and enhanced.

To push all this to the ground, this AMG gt r G-Power "has the right to get aluminum forged tires, hurricane RR, rubber, Michelin super soft. Note, however, that the rubber load in the V8 may not last long.

For refrigerators, G-Power has already arranged intermediate courses of 650690 and 750, but, if possible, why is it good? "