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lg x boom pk7w, this time white! how about such a stereo? : multi function login

Posted by patinella at 2020-03-13

LG Electronics launched xBOM in 2001, which is the ultimate speaker. The series is back in white again. LG x boom has many advantages, such as excellent sound quality and strong durability, suitable mood for parties, etc. white gives people a brighter feeling than the previous darker color, which is more capable. Let's see what LG x boom and pk7w look like and what they have.

▲ LG x boom go pk7w box

The moment I took this guy out of the box, there was a gorgeous feeling around him. Occasionally, I feel a little uncomfortable with white products. X-box and white pk7 will give people a more high-end feeling.

If you carefully observe the X spring high white pk7, you can see the power button, Bluetooth pairing button and other buttons on the upper end. Moreover, it can be found that the Z handle part of the hand is with meridian, which means that the world's top audio brand meridian is also together. Meridione is the best audio quality in the audio market, recognized as the best audio quality place. This enterprise's audio system is applicable, so the audio quality can be believed unconditionally. Therefore, the enha nced bass and cler voice functions of meridion tuning can also enjoy magnificent and distinctive sound in the maximum output.

X-boom and white pk7 adopt dual personality, which can fully hear bass. If you like bass, this guy is really qualified. With side shoulder movement, bass is more magnificent and vivid. I really listen to this guy's bass. I think the bass I heard during this period is not bass. I don't know if I have excessive praise. If I really use x chungao pk7w, I can understand. Through the introduction of words and photos, I'm sorry that I can't convey my voice.

XBOM and pk7w are the largest in the xBOM and speaker series. They are the same as the following photos. If you look at the photos, you can probably guess the size. If you feel the burden because it's too big, it's also good to choose a relatively small pk5w or pk3.

The X-box and pk7w are X-type designs, which improve the performance of mobile phones and give people a sense of network in design. They look very handsome at parties or in the wild. Moreover, because of the x-grip, it can be used wherever it is placed.

▲ x boom and white pk7w hem

They can be used in the wild or at home. LED lights in the speaker are human eyes. If they are in the dark, something surprising may happen. Because it's multi-functional color painting with LED and other color changes, it won't feel boring. If you play music, you will use the rhyming effect with the rhythm of the music. You can know the beat just by the change of light.

This speaker can support voice operation through the linkage of smart phones, and can also connect two smart phones of one speaker. In addition, two speakers can be connected to one smartphone for duel. If you use most xboom high schools at parties, double play can be useful.

When it comes to parties recently, I think of the party held in the swimming pool, and the use of loudspeakers in places with water, such as the valley. So if it's not waterproof, it's a little uneasy. This guy can make IPX 5 waterproof for life. Although it can't be brought into the water, you don't need to worry about the splashed water when you put it in the place where there is water. As a reference, IPX 5 means protection from a low level of water jet in all directions.

▲ xBOM and pk7w without problems even if the water is a little splashed

LG electronic's x-boom and pk7w are loudspeakers that can feel its charm more and more. When using this guy to listen to music through other speakers or headphones, the difference in sound quality is obvious, especially the difference in bass performance. Moreover, compared with the size, the excellent portability and ipx5 waterproof ability can be used in various environments such as party or camping grounds. From the design point of view, at the beginning, I felt that the X-shaped drawing was a bit earthy, but I always looked at it as a bit of networking.

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