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Posted by chiappelli at 2020-03-13

In recent years, with the development of industrial civilization and the gradual improvement of material living standards, the formaldehyde problem that causes decoration pollution is becoming more and more serious! At the same time, consumers' attention to the formaldehyde problem is constantly increasing! However, the domestic formaldehyde removal industry develops late, and there are many formaldehyde removal enterprises and products in the market, and the standard system is gradually improving. No matter the enterprises or consumers who do aldehyde removal think that the current aldehyde removal market is full of chaos, and even some enterprises disturb the market with low-quality products, but the enterprises who do products with real intention are developing hard and suffering in such an environment.

Member of expert review meeting of indoor formaldehyde products

In order to standardize the formaldehyde treatment industry and let consumers live in a healthier indoor environment, on October 29, the expert review meeting of the group standard formaldehyde removal products in the air was held in Nansha laboratory, Guangzhou, UL, USA. Mr. Du Weidong, founder of Tsuen Fen brand, was invited to attend the meeting as a representative of benchmarking enterprises in the industry!

Du Weidong, founder of Tsuen Fen brand

Group standard for indoor jump cleaning products

This standard is jointly prepared by Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption, Guanguo UL company, Shenzhen Institute of building science, Shenzhen Institute of measurement and testing and other units, together with the representatives of industry benchmarking enterprises such as Tsuen Fen brand. It is positioned as the product standard, applicable to passive formaldehyde removal products with physical and chemical methods.

Group standards focus on safety, effectiveness and durability of products

Consumer hot discussion: Question 1: the safety of indoor formaldehyde removal products: the standard specifies the safety indicators of the products: the content of five heavy metals is limited; in terms of toxicological safety, the product is safe, non-toxic and non irritating through the acute eye and skin irritation test of immune children and the toxicity test of mouse mouth.

Problem 2: the effectiveness and durability of the product's wake-up: as an important part of the standard, the test method of the formaldehyde removal efficiency and the durability of the formaldehyde removal product is completed by UL laboratory in the United States, which mainly solves this problem.

Laboratory efficiency ≠ actual governance and consumer use results

This is what manufacturers report to consumers

And the scene of the consumer's actual home formaldehyde treatment service provider's service scene is like this

In order to solve this inconsistent problem, the standard is formulated from the perspective of consumers, so that the laboratory test conditions highly simulate consumer use scenarios and governance scenarios.

1. The standard test refers to the test method of iso16000-23, and the LED light source is set up in the test energy instead of the UV light source; 2. The formaldehyde of a certain concentration is continuously introduced while maintaining the dynamic exchange of the air in the experimental cabin, simulating the scene of the continuous release of formaldehyde under the actual environment of consumers; 3. The temperature, humidity and air exchange conditions are specified in the test process.

In addition to the above, this standard also expands the scope of application. The products of physical and chemical formaldehyde removal methods are debugged by dynamic methods. In the future, the products of physical formaldehyde removal of carbon bags, diatom mud and special materials will be put in a test cabin with the popular products of spray formaldehyde removal.

The release of group standards is expected to promote industry norms and benefit consumers

The review meeting highly appraised the formaldehyde removal rate and durability dynamic testing device of this standard, and believed that it really simulated the real life scene of consumers: the innovative dynamic input method of formaldehyde testing product performance by referring to the international standard iso16000-23 and on this basis, the experimental data obtained is more referential.

After the release of the future bid, Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption will work with UL company to promote the implementation of the standard on various platforms such as Netease strict selection and Jingdong, and promote the implementation of the standard, so that more high-quality formaldehyde removal products meeting the standard can be recognized by the market, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote the progress of the industry, and benefit consumers.

Review meeting site

Tsuen Fen, the group standard of indoor formaldehyde removal products, participated in the compilation and provided main technical support

As a leading enterprise in the field of A-plus, Tsuen Fen deeply feels the problems existing in the current market. In order to be negative to consumers and to make the industry healthy, competitive and developing, it has been running for the introduction of new standards. From April 25, 2018, Mr. Du Weidong, the founder of Gan Fen brand, was invited by Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption to participate in the exchange and sharing meeting on the group standard of Jiaxing cleaning products as the keynote guest, to the establishment and the first working meeting in July, and finally to win the "sicq standard Contribution Award", Tsuen Fen has been working hard to promote the establishment of the body standard!

Mr. Du Weidong attended as the keynote speaker

Tsuen Fen believes that the release of "formaldehyde removal group standard" will bring great help to regulate the market and improve the quality of products in addition to Tsuen!