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how to use the steamer, substitution and recipe! every

Posted by agaran at 2020-03-12

If there is a steamer, it is a big activity to cook vegetables taken in the home. Healthy & healthy cooking. There are many people who bought a steamer and didn't use a pot or a frying pan. This time, I introduce the steamer which can make variety rich food to Chinese food, easy to drink, and tea bowl steaming.

I can make steamers, healthy & easy!

Why the steamer is convenient

The steamer is convenient because it is easy to make anything anyway. As well as simple steamed vegetables such as the image, it is possible to condense the meat and the fish well, and can be cooked in a healthy and healthy manner. There is a variation in cooking. Why don't you get a steamer and cook vegetables grown in the kitchen garden better and healthier?

Can a steamer be substituted with a frying pan?

Instead of steaming, you can cook steamed bread with a pan or deep pan. However, it may fail depending on the plate and water to be used. Since there is a plate type steamer that is laid on a frying pan, it is recommended to have a cooking utensil for steaming.

There are various types of steamers

There are several types of steamers. I introduce each feature and selection of the type suitable for me.

How to choose steam

Let's choose what you want to steer. Since the pot of the pot type is large, it is necessary to secure the storage space after the purchase. It is easy and cheap plate type enough to warm the meat and pepper and steaming vegetables.

Kinds of steamers

Pot (stainless) type

It looks like two or three steps. It can be used as a regular pot if it dissolves. It is recommended when you want to make a lot of steamed dishes at once or when cooking cooking.

Plate type

"Plate type" is recommended if you put emphasis on ease and ease. It is put on the pot and the frying pan at home, and the steaming is arranged. Some goods can be bought under 1000 yen.

Electric type

Some types use electricity. Set time by timer and wait for later. Many of the electric types are divided into several parts, so even if it is small, it is not troublesome to cook for the family.

Silicon steamer

It is the type only to put the food and chin by microwave. Recommended for busy people who can cook short time! It is less attractive than the electric type, so it is not suitable for large cooking, but it is attractive to be able to easily come out with low price.


A Chinese restaurant is a steamer that is set in a pot with hot water. There is a disadvantage that there are many washing things, but it is the strength to steal in several steps at a stretch. It looks authentic.

How to make a table

IH compatible steamer for pearl metal


Pearl metal two-stage steamer h-5875

If you combine two pieces of pan into steamed dish, it can be used for boiled food or boiled dishes only in pot. Manufacturer is "Pearl metal" which is reputable for metal products. Cooking heater supports every heat source. The lid is made of glass

Size: 26 cm

I bought 26 cm, but it was bigger than I expected. Well, big is also small. It is light size and easy to use.

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A seven layer structure


28 cm cm

It is a full-fledged professional with excellent heat conduction and durability. Heat is transmitted throughout the whole, and can be cooked faster with small heat quantity. Since it is made of all stainless steel, it is put into the oven in the oven, and the cooking is put on the fire, and the oven can be cooked by heating the steam.

Size: 25 to 28 cm

It has high heat insulation and is saving gas. The detergency to wash the pan was also removed because the dirt was washed out easily. And, the dish became more enjoyable by the fashionable design.

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Large three-stage structure


Minnie steamed pot "three layer bottom"

Three stage steamer made of stainless steel. The first stage and the second stage can be cooked at different time. In addition, it can be used for boiled foods and boiled dishes only in the pot. The bottom surface is made of stainless steel with good heat conductivity, and it is made of stainless steel.

Size: 30 to 32 cm

I was looking for a steamed pot with a large size or a large capacity. I want to steer different vegetables and fish in each stage and challenge various challenges. Convenient and convenient

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Plate type

Dishwasher safe


Pearl metal I. touch steamer c-3348

You can cook steamed dishes by 16 to 24 cm. It is stainless steel, so it is hard to rust and does not move. Dishwasher dryer is also excellent!

Size: 0.14 to 0.22 x height

If you buy a steamer, you probably don't use it frequently. Because it is compact, it does not take the place nor the size of the pot is also chosen.

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In a pot of various sizes


Kaji Kai house select stainless steel free size steamer

It is a steamer set in 18 to 28cm pot. It can be used for various sizes of pot, so it does not take place. If you remove the knob, you can steer the big one.

Size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 7.5 cm

It is useful when steaming a lot of sweet potato. There is nothing wrong.

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Cooking with frying pan


How to cook pan frying pan

It is a steaming set in the frying pan. It is very simple because I put only 1cm of water and lid. The frying pan is faster than the pan and can be used more easily. It corresponds to a frying pan of 26 cm or more.

Size: 23 cm

I use 28 centimeters of frying pan. It opens about one centimeter around, but it doesn't move especially after installation. I tried to renew my handmade schumai, but it became really delicious after steaming here.

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Like a shop! Steer of atmosphere ants

Enjoy authentic Chinese


Mini Chinese sailor

If you say China, you can! It can be steamed in a few steps. The steaming dish is delicious. Please note that the lid and the main body are sold separately.

Size: 15 cm

Just because you were looking for a good sized sailor. I 'd like it.

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Just a sense of size


China Metal pearl H

It is easy to use at 18 cm size. Pufferfish absorbs extra moisture, so you can make high quality steamed dishes. It is a popular article of sales.

Size: 18 cm

There is a large steamer of the stainless steel for the Chawan steamer, but it used it when it was united in the Chinese menu in the gathering of the relative, and the cooking was done. I made a Chinese sailor because I was able to make it delicious. I was able to steer the big shrimp ferns at eight times. I'm going to challenge Koga Kane this time. At the moment when I opened the lid of the thermo which had a hot sale in front of the visitor, delicious steaming... Wow. The visual is more delicious, so we plan to add another. Burn is very hot because it is very hot.

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A steamed dish of bamboo


Basket and bamboo made in China

Stainless steel pot. Produces a delicious table of bamboo scent. It is a slightly larger size for 3 to 5 people.

Size: 30 cm

3 silicone steamer microwave oven

French styled steamer


Maestro silicon steamer grand round

Fashionable and reasonable! It is silicon steamer of "methode Franco" born in France. Pop color brightens the kitchen. Comes with a handy recipe book.

Size: 24.2 x 21.2 x 13.4 cm

I went to work with my Bento, but now I put it in the steamer with the material. Steaming meat, vegetables and mushrooms together. I still have a hot lunch like Ponzu and dressing. Only one wash. I can't stop eating healthy lunch. After a little boom in the office, the next team lunch increases!

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Lukas can make anything


Luggage steam case regular

It is a steamer that opens to the Kannon open. If you put the ingredients in this, and chin in the microwave oven, you can cook steamed rice! The oven is also available and can be made from a wide range of dishes.

Size: 13.5 x 26.0 x 0.65 cm

This is convenient. I tried cooking with a gas stove, but I tried to buy Luce. Honestly, you can make anything about it. I use it for boiling pasta, macaroni and spring rain. It is very easy to put salt and water into the microwave. The system of boiling is simple to be honest, but lujou is the strongest to grab the knack. The material is soft, so be careful after cooking. It is safe because it can be cooked only by microwave oven. I wish I had bought it earlier.

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Recommended for 1 to 2 people


Bing Web: silicone flakes

It is easy to bring it to the work destination, and it is an easy tapper type to store in refrigerator. Healthy specifications that the bottom is wavy and the oil of the ingredients drop. Recommended for 1 to 2 people.

Size: 24.8 x 16.2 x 0.72 cm

I purchased M size for the diet at work. Because it is too small, I buy L size newly, and I put it in the workplace, and I bring it to me in the daytime, l in the night, and m at night and shift to the diet life of the temperature vegetable. As another review, the bottom of the bottom is hard to wash. It is also soft, so it's not honest to carry. But satisfied.

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Automatic type of steamer

I want to use a lot


Jack hobs Mini steamer

Electric steamer for safe design without fire. If you put water and ingredients, set the timer and wait! The authentic appearance is cool and the atmosphere that seems to be in the store is produced.

Bing Web: tiffal


Firefly steam cooker Ultra Compact

It is the electric steamer of the specialty maker "tiffal". It is possible to make it in parallel with another dish, and it is healthy even if it waits for the set. Gift is also recommended.

Compact and compact


Bird twin bird steamer

Recipe book with 50 different menu items! It is a two-stage steamer widely used for vegetables, meat and fish. Okowa and red rice can also be made. Since the upper and lower steps are stacked, it is also stored in the shelf without height.

It is very delicious because I don't have hot water with water. In addition, the skin is peeled off even if the boiled egg is not attached, and the white body is also prepriced.

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How to use steam

Source: Photo AC

What is the difference between steamers?

It is a kind of steamer that comes out in a Chinese restaurant and a Taiwan restaurant. Set hot water on the pot. It is necessary to use the cloth in the lid, and the steam escapes without making it. However, it is necessary to dry thoroughly after use, and it is a little hassle than the pot type.

How to use pot type

First, the lid of the steamer is wrapped with cloth, and it is tied at the handle. The reason why the cloth is rolled is because the water drops on the inside of the lid, and it drops water when it falls into the cooking. Add more than 50% of the hot water and steam. Adjust the amount of water by steaming time. The two parts of the steamer should be replaced in the order of the fire.

How to use

Put hot water into the pot and boil. Place the ingredients on top of them. When you fold the bribe, place it in the order of the fire. It is effective to steer "steamed cloth" when it is steeper, such as rice.

Easy recipe to make with steam

Why cooking is good for the body

Steamers do not use oil. It also drops oil and fish oil. Because it is able to suppress the intake of oil is good for the health. Instead of reducing the amount of food you eat, you can eat well and keep your diet healthy.

Delicious recipe with steamer

Sweetness increases! Sweet potato steamed

Source: pixabay

It is a steamed sweet potato without adding anything. It is easy to enjoy the taste of the material. It is a recipe that wants to challenge once if there is a sweet potato at home.

Steamed potato

Source: pixabay

Put the cross of the cross into the potato and steer. If the skewers go, get ready! It is the point that the taste of the material can be enjoyed here. Try it in new season!

Chawan Mushi

Source: Photo AC

Once you make it, pour the egg into the container. It is easy to understand, but it is a recipe that can be filled with the atmosphere such as an inn. Note that the temperature is not too high. Recommended for new year and hospitality!

Egg and milk

Source: pixabay

If you have a steamer, you can make pudding! You can make simple egg, milk and sugar. Recommended for snack.

Choose a steamer suitable for cooking

If you want to get reasonable, you can use the plate type, various types of housework or cooking. If you stick to authentic steamed dishes, a strong pot (stainless) type for a long time is convenient! Choose what kind of food you want to use.

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