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more than 19 000 orange livebox modems "merge" wi accounts

Posted by verstraete at 2020-03-11


U.S. tax office charges Oleg dinkov

The IRS has filed a lawsuit against Oleg tinkov, the founder and shareholder of dinkov bank.

Megan mark complains about the Royal poisoning

It was pointed out that former stars complained of "force majeure" because Elizabeth II banned them from using the word "Royal" in their brand names.

Turkey holds NATO meeting to discuss the situation in Syria and Libya

NATO will, at Turkey's request, consult on the situation in idrib, Syria, following the shooting of Turkish forces.

Spaceships will be easier: they will have unique engines

Therefore, one of the most important tasks is to build a new engine so that future space flights can be more economical.

Hotgeo 25 February 06:31

Russia's vote on the constitutional amendment will take place on April 22

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed that April 22, 2020 will be the voting day for the amendment to the Russian constitution.

Newspaper of the 26th of the month 21:18

Aguzarov visited garkin's stone face performance

The actor came to shoot an illustrated, brightly colored suit, but most of the audience saw a huge change in her face.

Two Russian frigates carrying "caliber" to the Mediterranean

Two frigates of the Black Sea Fleet pass through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Boeing glass breaks and returns to vanukovo

A Boeing 777 flew from Moscow to Bangkok, but was forced to turn around due to a broken windshield and landed at the airport of vanukovo, according to flightradar 24.com.

The results of the autopsy were made public

Autopsies of the first person to die of Colorado virus by Chinese experts show that covid-2019 mainly affects the lungs.

A house exploded in Petersburg

According to the General Administration of St. Petersburg, Russia's Ministry of emergency, an improvised explosive device is said to have occurred in an apartment in the Kalinin District of Petersburg, where a man is seeing a doctor.

Calculation of budget losses with elimination of VAT on the poor

Eliminating the value-added tax on low-income Russians may require the state budget to exceed 1 trillion rubles, the Federal Reserve calculates.

The death toll from a road accident in kuzbasi rose to five

Gazli, a driver who was hospitalized after a road accident in kuzibas, died of a serious illness, Anton duzhik, news secretary of the regional medical center, told Russian news agency.

The Central Election Commission recommends that a vote on the Constitution be allowed within three days

At Thursday's meeting, the State Construction and Legislative Council of the State Duma supported the amendment to Article 2 of the constitution amendment bill of the Russian Federation From April 22, it will no longer work.

The foreign trade bank will cancel all commissions for one day after failure

Foreign trade bank customers complained that the mobile bank broke down on the afternoon of February 27.

Kadar transferred from Dynamo Kiev to China Super League club

Kiev dynamo announced on the striker of guard tamash Kadar of Shandong Lunen in the Chinese Super League.

In Chelyabinsk, a memorial to a young man stabbed in the center was destroyed

In Chelyabinsk, representatives of Russian irregular gangs smashed the 17-year-old monument, which was stabbed when he tried to protect the girl's reputation.

The Justice Department will reconsider the fine for violating traffic rules

Turkey calls for a no fly zone over idrib

Turkey's president, fahreddin Alton, announced on his twitter page on February 28 that he called for a no fly zone over idrib.

For the first time since September 2019, the exchange rate of the euro has exceeded 72 roubles

In the case of the ruble, against the backdrop of the fall in the Russian currency, the euro has broken through 72 today. Within a day, this kind of sports may happen again.

Russia begins to develop the first reusable missile

The science and Technology Committee of the future research foundation announced that it has started to develop the first reusable "wing" in Russia-

Scientists have discovered the most powerful explosion in the universe

Scientists at the International Radio Astronomy Research Center have recorded the most powerful explosion in the universe since the big bang.

Logistics personnel can skip the final stage of the world cup

Russian winter skier Alexander rojinov may miss the final stages of the world cup in Oslo.