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the transcript of the girl who proposed to putin was disclosed

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-03-11

"Russia 1" TV reporter revealed the contents of a letter from Ivanovo resident yurihilov to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The letter was shown on the show "Moscow". Kremlin Putin Sunday, March 8.

Shilova submitted two photos to the head of state. Her name and hometown are written on the back. "Please marry me," it said Please. I have a university degree, I am 28 years old, no children, no material problems.

On March 7, shilova told reporters about her situation. She is an actress and works in the children's theatre. She doesn't have a husband, and according to her, she hasn't found the right person to arrange her. She appreciated the leadership and charisma of the head of state.

"I have long been pleased with them for their wise decisions on their own affairs and for their confidence in international negotiating partners," she said. Helova added that she could handle the role of the first lady.

On March 6, the head of state arrived in Ivanov state for a working visit. After checking the city children's clinic building, he decided to contact the public. Suddenly a girl cried, "marry me! "She gave Putin a picture of himself, and then he used a word with Putin.

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