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bloomberg learned about putin's conversation with oil workers before the deal with opec broke down

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-10

Russia's position is that U.S. shale oil producers should share the losses caused by the decline in demand for raw materials, and reduce the exploitation in the United States. President Putin's meeting with Russia's oil producing countries and key ministers was held a few days before talks with OPEC in Vienna.

The meeting was held at the terminal of "vanukovo-2" airport on March 1, and Putin began his working visit to Pskov. The Kremlin news service reported that the meeting discussed the most important international issues, such as the spread of Colorado virus, the world economic situation and the oil market. The meeting was attended by Igor Sechin, President of Rosneft, Alexander dukov, general manager of Rosneft, and Vladimir Bogdanov, general manager of Surgut oil and gas company, Ravil maganov, first executive vice president of lukoira, and Alexander Novak, Minister of energy. Most of the meetings were held in private. There is only Putin's opening remarks on the Kremlin's website, and he said he would like to discuss and listen to business people's views on this issue. How do we identify further steps in balancing the global hydrocarbon market. "

Lukoil's co owners estimate Russia's losses after the collapse of the OPEC deal at $150 million

Russia has been working with OPEC countries since 2016 to block oil production to maintain prices and replenish the state treasury. But Russia's discontent led to OPEC trading + which also helped the US shale industry, President Donald Trapp uses energy as a political and economic tool, for example, Bloomberg wrote that it was blocking the construction of the "North flow-2" pipeline and operating in the Venezuelan "Rosneft".

The deal is dead: Russia has given up its biggest decline in oil production since 2008

Mikhail Leontiev, news secretary of Rosneft, informed Rosneft at the time that the company's rumors "would not be commented on" or "business letters would not be discussed.". Russia rejected OPEC +, noting that "Russian oil" could now increase its market share. "If you always let your partner, you are no longer a partner. "It's called something else," he told the agency. "Let's see what it would feel like to drill shale in the United States in this case.

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